University: in grade 12 I was so excited about university, the pressure, the city, even being away from home. Come August, I did not want to leave. I was so scared, I didn’t know if Carleton was right for me. But you know what? I went anyway, and it took me forever to find friends. I joined the skating team, which was great, but early in the morning, and I made some amazing friends. I became friends with my roommate and her friends. But academically, I didn’t feel fulfilled. I was sitting through lectures, bored, stocking Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The thing is, I really thought it would get better. Come April, it felt real, like I was stuck. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the media world still entices me and I want to do something in the media, but Carleton was never my dream school and I knew that deep down. I never thought I would switch institutions and programs but I am, and I have learned that that is okay.  Luckily, my parents are understanding and know people that can give me some great advice regarding my future. SO I have compiled this list of things that I have learned throughout my whirlwind of a year!


Lessons Learned during my first year university:


  1. If you are like me and don’t drink, Frosh week will suck
  2. If you are absolutely unsure, even a tiny bit about the school you are going to, don’t go there
  3. You may not make any friends the first month, maybe even the first three months
  4. Don’t sign a lease unless your absolutely sure you want to stay in your university or college
  5. Maybe grade 13 should be re-introduced?
  6. If you change what you want to do its not a big deal, as I experienced throughout my whole first year
  7. My film TA gave me the best advice ever: if you want to do something else, do that something else, don’t stay here cause you feel obliged. (SO GOOD RIGHT)
  8. Do make the best of it, even if you don’t enjoy it 100% of the time
  9. Don’t shop a lot (trust me on this one)
  10. Friends are great, but don’t let them be the reason you stay or go
  11. Find something you like to do
  12. Sometimes you don’t need go to university or college, sometimes staying home for a year is what is best or trying out a really cool abroad program, because you can always defer acceptances.
  13. Do reach out to people in the program you want and see how they truly like it, even former grads of your program will be helpful
  14. If your city has more than one type of institution look into those, hey maybe you will discover a program you like
  15. Talk to someone, for me it was my mom, I cannot tell you how many times I cried over Skype to my mom, there are many options available.
  16. Trust me, its okay to not to know what you want, just be sure to really research things; programs, student life, the area, walk around the city, get a feel for the campus. Do the buildings enthrall you? The city? The restaurants?
  17. Finally a year is not wasted! You will have a learning experience regardless of your feelings about the institutions. I know I had a rewarding and eye opening experience and you will too!


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