In my life, I have met, grown up with, and will continue to meet inspirational women who will inspire me to better myself.

I have to say, the first inspirational women I met was my mother, then my aunts, and then my skating coaches and cohorts. Now some women may see women wanting to support other women as a weird concept, but lets be real have you ever just looked at your best friend and thought, “she is so awesome, she makes me want to bring out my awesomeness.”

Last year I joined a skating team, with the sole purpose of making friends and I did! This team I tell you was an eclectic group of girls, each with their own qualities and quirkiness that made them amazing people. I am still close friends with a few of them despite transferring schools (you know who you are gals). I also met, whom I would say is my best friend at this school too, and so Carleton you were great at fuelling my hoes before bros mentality.

Then I joined this other amazing team this year, my second year of doing synchronized figure skating I joined an adult III team (known in the skating world as the “old timer” team), but I joined because it was fun and inexpensive. I was slightly nervous to join this team, A: because I had no idea who I was about to meet, and B: it was synchro and I am inherently a singles skater. BUT, I ended up meeting women who, yes with our bouts of tension (we are a team after all), are women that in their own quirky aspects I aspire to be. This one lady has been to every continent except Australia! She just started skating and does a plethora of other amazing sporting activities. Another lady has the coolest job, another lady is so hilariously open, but what they all have in common is their inspiring and supportive nature. There is something about meeting these women that lift my spirits, making me forgot about my personal problems, and simply creating a blissful atmosphere.

found on google

found on google

Women supporting women can sometimes be a far away concept; you will encounter “those” girls, who you just can’t stand, but then when you encounter one who you actually miss with that slight ache in your stomach, or those who have lived such cool lives your eyes are opened and anything is possible. I have not mentioned all the women who have inspired me, but all of these women are people who will continue to inspire for a long time and have no idea the impact they have had on my soul and my perspective on life.

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