So as many of you know, I had that “omg I need to switch schools” urge last year around this time and around this time is when I started this blog. So I guess this is a “happy anniversary Chrisinda’s blog”.

I went into this year with a somewhat positive outlook but then I got to college I soon realized this program was not challenging enough for me, however it was in a different way than University. I had the debate of switching back for the year or something, but then decided hey you know I am getting a certificate out of this and it will look good on a resume.

Now, there was this thought in my mind that I wasted two years, but a wise birdy once told me that education is never wasted and they are right. This year I learned not only to cultivate my bad assery, but also figure out where I want my career/future to go.

I also more fabulously embraced my feminism, I mean we all know I am a feminist, but I am no longer afraid to show it. In fact, as a child I remember being labeled as mean, as bossy, and looking back I totally wasn’t. I was standing up for myself, and those names didn’t stop me from being who I am today, in fact I remember distinctly one of my guy friends thinking I was mean and crazy for sticking up for myself in one of my bad friendships. While in fact I was simply standing up for what I believed in, since when did that become a bad thing?

This year was a learning experience, while not academically challenging I met some great people, gained new friends and grew closer with some old ones. I joined a super fun skating team and made life long friends, those who skate together stay together.

At the beginning of the year, I was deeply regretting my decision to switch schools, then I learned so much about myself and what I want to do academically, if I hadn’t went to college I never would have learned that I loved sociology, and that journalism is not my path, public relations on the other hand could be in my future or another badass job like being a ninja.

I discovered that my friends this year were the truest, most honest beautiful people and even though we don’t do sappy I feel like that needed to be said. They loved and supported me even though I am going to a totally different city and university, I feel like we will always be friends because that is just how we roll.


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