Well folks, it has been a hot minute since I have blogged. Mostly because of a lack of inspiration. But this year I decided I wanted to get back at it. So I am hoping to blog my journey of running among other fun and fabulous topics. Now you all know how I feel about running. However, I want to go into law enforcement (future Minister of Defence over here) and a large part of why I haven’t been writing is because this goal is something I was kind of scared to share here on my blog. I do not fit the typical mould of a cop, I am a small, non-aggressive, slightly radical feminist women’s studies major who strives to be intersectional and always understanding of all perspectives. Some people aren’t surprised when I say my goals but there are some than I can just tell there is in a bit of confusion in the “well that’s interesting” comment, questioning my use of my degree. But why can’t a women’s studies and criminology major (WS is my first love ya’ll) be a cop? Why not change this dominant thought of what a police officer should be and bring in a different skill set to the profession? Anyway that’s a whole other conversation. Moral of the story that’s why I started running again, for the first time consistently in five years. Also full disclaimer I have been exercising in other more fun, less loathing ways #kindoffit.

Week 1 of my walker to runner plan. I chose this walk to run plan because I didn’t want to get discouraged. Every summer I set out to run, but I go all in too quickly and get discouraged. So this year, in service of my future career I decided I would begin running, also my incentive is going to be rad luxury makeup product at the end of this 8 week plan (sorry mom).

Monday, Oct  3, also mean girls day. I had been recovering from a cold so I decided to start the whole plan over since I only got in 1 day the week before, thanks September cold. This run was the walk 2, run 1 for 21 minutes. I know, to you folk out there who are avid runners AND non asthmatics (which honestly can be a hindrance but thank goodness for inhalers) this may sound like nothing. Yes, I have ran 10KM before and it wasn’t bad. But to start out after 5 years of not running consistently, its hard to get back into. Anyhoo this day went well, again drenched in sweat because as soon as I move I swear like mamajammer.

Wednesday Oct 5. Not dead yet, woke up early because everyday is an early. I didn’t get a lot of sleep on Tuesday night but its okay! I got by, my highlight was on fleek all day and taking it off before running was kind of sad #makeupprobs. But this run went fine, I mean I wasn’t huffing and puffing, but it was okay. A walk 2 run 2 for 24 mins, upping the anti just a bit.

Friday Oct 7. Kind of dying, breathing heavy, legs and groin sore. The upside, I have mentally prepared myself for the hard days, where my asthma is bad because of weather, but where I can still get through the run. This day was a bit longer, a bit harder, 3 mins of running instead of 2. I am not going to lie, my little lungs were struggling for air (possibly because I forgot my inhaler at home, good job Chrisinda) and it was hard. However, I’m willing to keep going because the aim of this plan is to ease into running which is exactly what I need.

Here is the thing, this is a time in my life where I feel confident enough to not get discouraged and beat myself up about being a wee bit of a slow poke. I am going to keep on keeping on because that’s what I was taught to do (also makeup is my reward) and you all should keep on keeping on with what your doing. Until our next chat, enjoy your turkeys fellow Canadians.




1 Comment on “The return

  1. Best thing I ever did read 😂 “My highlight was on fleek” yasss Chrisinda!! Keep up your jogging plan girl!


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