If you have read my earlier posts you would know that I didn’t claim to know about feminism as a whole and I was someone that learned about feminism through what they call “Internet Feminism” which included loving Taylor Swift and the like (not gonna lie I do still jam out to her music, she is one of my problematic faves).  However, in the past year and a bit I have been learning and growing as a feminist so I just wanted to update you.

Now that I have learned about intersectionality and am pursuing a women’s studies degree, my feminist perspective has grown and changed. While I still think equal pay is important something I’ve spoken about before, I now see that feminism beyond the dictionary definition. I have never taken a women’s studies course until last year and on the first day I learned so much, I would like to say I became “enlightened” as some might say. My feminist theory has grown and changed and I’m proud that it has. I think a large part of being a “good” feminist (whatever that actually means) is always growing, learning and listening to ALL perspectives of women from various different backgrounds and whom sit on various intersections of life.

If you happen read my old posts remain kind in your thoughts and just know that I come from a small town of 3000 people where my only education on feminism was the Internet . The beginning of my post secondary career was journalism and then a year of college where I was in a very general program that included no women’ studies as I was trying to figure out my life (when are we not doing that let’s be real). While the internet was a great start for me in my learning a very small shmiggle of feminism, I have learned so much which continues to form and change my perspectives on the world around me. That is what is so great about being a women’s studies major I LITERALLY (said in Chris Treager’s voice from Parks and Rec) learn something new every single time I step foot in my women’s studies classes and in the awesome feminist community of students I have discovered since switching universities.

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