Well this week was by far the hardest, but also the best week I’ve had. Not just because I was finally going home to see my wee Buttons but because I ran outside for the first time in a LONG time.


Sunday, yes I changed the day because as you may know I had to change my Wednesday! Anyway, it’s a Sunday so the gym wasn’t busy, and this run was fine. Not too bad, more running then walking but I had my new inhaler so woo.

Ah Monday. Not a bad day overall, it was my least busy day in my week. Class and then the gym, where I swear they’ve turned the freaking heat on so as soon as move the sweat train starts and the stench of my workout clothing emulates…because you know I have to pay for laundry and haven’t quite washed my crops for awhile……so yah

Friday. I’m back in Northern Ontario, breathing the cool air and freezing my butt, my natural element. My mom and I went on the trail in our town and terrain is so different then a treadmill as I was expecting. BUT it was a really fun run to do with my mother, though she is 30 years older and did a hill way faster then me but that only  inspires me! So of course my lungs were so sore, despite taking my inhaler, but that is to be expected because of the change in weather. Admittedly as much as I don’t like the heat of the gym for my headaches, I do appreciate it for my lungs. But that’s what its about is training my lungs, which is my goal of this 8 week program.

Enjoy your week folks. November is upon us and you know what that means, Christmas music and candles.

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