This week was a busy one, a disappointing one (you all know what I’m talking about) and a beautiful one for my growth as a runner.

I loathed running back in the day, and I’m talking the amount of distain that you might dislike cauliflower or the word moist. But now, I’m kind of seeing the appeal…kind of.

Monday. Well today is generally a pretty easy day school wise. But I did have a paper to finish and dishes to do, but for some reason I was having a good morning and this run was pretty good. Nothing to exciting. The gym wasn’t actually too hot, probably because it was warm outside so they decided to turn off the heat.

Wednesday. Oh Wednesday, oh post American election day. I had a meeting between my morning and afternoon class and didn’t bring enough food to school and there was a damper on the day because of the events happing the U.S. It also suddenly got colder (not freezing as people from the GTA think) but any change in weather affects my lungs. With all of these circumstances I didn’t have the most positive run. the gym was incredibly hot, I started sweating as soon as I walked up the stairs to the treadmill and was just overall not in good mindset. I almost quit at 30 minutes but thought I would continue for the whole time.

Friday. I decided to run outside this day. I had played laser tag the night before and had a wonderful time and we also had a rad feminist mixer. Both outings I ate wheat which I did at my own risk fully knowing that I had to run the next day. But it was great. I was so surprised at the relative ease that my feet hit the pavement and the fact that my lungs weren’t nearly as sore as they usually are when I got outside in the North. Of course, my lungs were still a bit sore because the cold will do that you. I explored some back streets where I had never been before and to be quite honest I was a lot faster than I am when on the treadmill. I may have to start running outside on a permanent basis from here on out (we’ll see) but I rather enjoy it so much more then staring at the same tree from my treadmill at the gym. I also enjoy not sweating as just getting to the treadmill so that’s always a plus.

If you have a case of the Sundays here is picture of my kitty to make you feel better:img_4567

Week 5

So week five has come and gone. I started this week excited that it was FINALLY going to be November! Which means many assignments, upcoming finals but also one of two of my favourite things; Christmas decorating and finding the PERFECT gift for my loved ones.

Monday , Halloween. Yes I’m 90 and did not go out for Halloween because I was baking cookies and watching parks and rec. I had a decent run, it was quite a long run and also a really hot one. I’m not sure why Western’s gym is so hot and why they don’t turn on the ceiling fans but omg I was sweating from my fricken elbows folks.

Wednesday, yes we are finally in November. I cannot describe how exciting it is that this month is here. Sure, I have some assignments due to be completely honest I don’t let what marks I may or may not get impede my daily schedule. I used to make excuses as to why I couldn’t workout like “oh I have readings” or “oh I have a paper I need to start”. However, I’m trying to make running into habit that will help me with my future career. A habit much like one of the most relaxing parts of my day, doing my makeup. Anyway, this run was refreshingly short, but also kind of frustrating. My Nike app wasn’t working and my headphones had also broke so that was really frustrating, but alas I pushed through and finished.

Ah Saturday. I changed my day because I had quite a few things to do on Friday and an event at night, which was seeing Ivan Coyote speak about their experiences as trans person and was all around fabulous. Saturday was a warm day! I know…its November. There was some beautiful fall weather with 9-10 degrees for a few days then the weather just decided to go back to being what people call “nice”. Which I don’t fully disagree with, but I also would love to not be sweaty every time I wear a sweater, because I’m all about turtle necks so please weather I’m just asking for a bit of fall!  Anyway, this was a decent run, a few hurdles, the gym was so hot that I was having a hard time just because literally every part of me was pouring with sweat and there was absolutely no air flow. I finished and went home. I plan to start running outdoors at some point, so I look forward to the day when there is some sort of breeze!

Despite the hurdles, I am really happy that I have been keeping up this three days a week running schedule. I understand that for many people this may not seem like much but for me and running this is a lot. I used to run maybe once a week or month, and just give up. But it feels good to be sticking with a schedule and really being disciplined. I am also working on adding two days a week of strength rather then just one! Have a fabulous week and I do hope you also find a good sale on Werther’s soft chew caramels because they are the best.