I love having hobbies. And no the habitual things such as running or going to the gym, like a real true hobby your grandparents might do. These are activities that a person does during their leisure time.

Leisure time and university don’t usually mix. To be quite honest, I do understand this sentiment. I see so many people I know that just study and go to school and work and do leadership activities or go out with friends but don’t have hobbies and I often hear people saying they don’t have time. I do all of these things, but I still love leaving room for hobbies. Now, I totally understand not having time. With social media and television and environmental factors they all make it difficult to sit down and start a hobby.

My current hobby is crochet, I fricken love it. I’m not the best at it, but I’m always improving. So why might a 21 year old young women be doing such a hobby? Well crochet is something that is so easy once you get the hang of it and then you can create some amazing, original pieces that you can wear outside of your house. I am not going to lie when I first began crocheting it was so difficult, my first couple of projects were a sight for sorry eyes.

What can a hobby teach you? Well patience, it’s a new skill that you are probably going to be completely unfamiliar with. It is something that can become a passion and it can become anything you want it to be. A hobby can be a great de-stressor from life. I love to crochet because I can get carried away for hours on end and at the end have something amazing, handmade that I can wear.

How does one discover a hobby? First, don’t do what I did. I got what I thought I needed, yarn and three bigger hooks. Little did I know, the yarn I bought was too dark for a beginner and the hooks were too big. Make sure you specifically search the hobby for a beginner make sure you don’t go into thinking it will be easy and also prepare for frustration. Frustration is good, hobbies will teach you how to overcome this and also teach you patience because learning a hobby is not a race, it’s a journey.

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