Hello all. Now this is a bit of a different post for me. Usually I dabble in things unrelated to my actual beauty routine such as fitness, feminism and old lady posts. But I thought I would make a post on my skin care routine. I recently went home, back to northern Ontario where my skin FREAKED OUT. I mean I have never had acne…like ever. A spot here or there. I am blessed with my grandma’s skin (I swear I’ve never seen a spot on her face in all my years of seeing her). But this past time at home of which I brought most of my normal skin care, my skin was just breaking out left, right and center. I wasn’t doing much differently, I was eating pretty much the same way I usually do but it’s a vacation, I think I deserved a few butter tarts to my name. Now, the north is a different beast and our water is different then it is in Southern Ontario, which I think had a lot to do with the state of my skin. I any case I thought I would take you through my normal skin care routine and what I do to maintain a rather clear complexion.

TEA TREE OIL PRODUCTS. I can’t shout this enough. Even when I don’t have blemishes, my Tea Tree oil scrub from the Body Shop has saved my skin along with the “let the good times roll” face cleanser from Lush. Don’t let the tag: “for blemished skin” scare you dry skinned gals. I use this pretty much every day I wear makeup as I like to do the double cleanse.  The combination of the lush exfoliatant and the scrub after a long day just cleanses my skin beautifully after I have used my cleansing oil to take off my makeup (which admittedly I wear pretty much every day other than weekends). As for the spot treatment for those pesky ones I recommend the grease lightening treatment from lush. Even if I feel some breakout action coming one I will put it on that area and WAH BAM clear the next day.

MASKS. Well folks, I used to think masks were a sham. I don’t know, I was like “who has time for this” but by golly I started using them and my skin life changed.  When I returned from Northern Ontario I decided to use by Red Algae L’Oreal clay mask. I bought this mask because of all the hype in the YouTube sphere and have used it a couple times but honestly never noticed a visible difference other than that fact that my face felt super clean and purified afterward. I have this mask since October and never once have I noticed such a huge difference as I did when I used it the night I got back to school. It just took out the gunk from my t-zone.

OIL. Rose. Argan. Coconut. Get that oil, get it. I have dry skin. I started using oil based products and my skin just loves it.

A different morning than night routine. In the morning I use the Burt’s Bees brightening day cleanser, the aloe vera toner from the Body Shop, and the Desert Essence moisturizing cream. That’s it. Plain and Simple. NOW the night routine is a whole other story- starts with Burt’s Bee’s cleansing oil, the Squeaky clean tea tree scrub, Let the Good Times Roll face cleanser, sometimes a mask, a rose water toner, and then a night cream infused with some sort of oil, along with an eye cream. YES its long and yes folks I do it every. Single. Night. I love it. It’s a ritual. I encourage you all to find your own skin ritual.

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