My Favourite No-makeup makeup items

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the term “no makeup makeup” I prefer the term light and airy makeup or the “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired” . Because for me a “no makeup makeup” look is a no foundation look. Now recently (sorry mother) I partook in the sephora VIB sale and purchased the no highlighter highlighter by Perricone MD and nudestix illumnaughty. These two are key in my light and airy makeup look. 

These are my essential (current) products for my “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired


Cream blushes. Since I have discovered cream blush I only us them. My favourite so far is The Body Shop universal chubby stick in “Poppy Nude” – it’s just nude enough to not look to intense but adds enough colour to the cheeks. It smells clean and fresh, and its build-able. A close second is the gosh big blush stick in pink – the reason its a close second is because its a lot more BAM than the first one and doesn’t smell as good – more chemically (the wonder of the makeup industry).  Third would have to be the Lush emotional brilliance lipsticks – however they are third because if you are doing an in a rush look you can easily be overboard with these (however if that’s your thing then go for it)


Cream highlighters (o gee what a surprise). First – for an ACTUAL no makeup look you have to hand it to the Perricone MD no highlighter highlight. Its sheeny without being glittery and gives you a bit of an inner glow. If I want to be more poppin’ that day then I love the body shop highlighting dome. Nudestix illuminaughty – a close third – both glossy and not glittery. It gives that perfect dewy look.


The Hourglass ambient lighting powder in Diffused light. In a “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired” look i still dabble in a concealer, whichever one I have on hand and if you set it with this powder it creates a filter


A primer: Currently I have been using the Gosh illuminating primer. On a “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired” I don’t like to use foundation, as I have said before. Primer’s with a slight tint or a tinted moisturizer, like the andalous naturals CC cream don’t cake on and just even out the skin.


And of course a lipstick that is “your lips but better”. My current favourite for this purpose is the Burt’s Bees lipstick in Suede Splash, its the perfect nude and I can apply it without a mirror. What more can you ask for.

What are your favourite “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired”.


Running Tips for Beginners

I would like to begin this post by saying that I am by no means a running coach, a personal trainer or a kin major. But I am what my mother would call “a serious runner”. I grew up with my mom running all the time, just doing the casual 16km a weekend no big deal.  Every time I would start running with her I refused to walk and it was so discouraging. So when I started my journey with running last year (approximately 7 months ago to be exact)  I told myself, Chrisinda, start with the walk run plan, don’t start heavy because you will be discouraged. I have had friends ask me “how can you just wake up and run” well folks that is easier said than done. I would like to impart to you my tips for beginner runners.

  1. Dang nabbit you must get the proper running shoes. I can’t tell you the importance of the this. I was running in the completely wrong shoes for the first 5 months of my journey. Sustaining injury after injury. I finally went to the New Balance store with my amazing running friend who is just a gem to the world. I FINALLY got proper advice and shoes I can tell you my feet and bunions are happy.
  2. Realize that running is a mental challenge. I don’t care what people say running is hard. You are the only one running. You are the only one encouraging yourself. You are the only one accountable for going. Running is a great mental challenge.
  3. Start slow. I have tried and tried again to start running and never started properly. I always started going 5K right out of the gate. Ma’am this is not the way to go. I advise going on Pinterest and finding a beginners guide to running and then following it. Trust in the process. YES it will get frustrating just doing the “run 1 min, walk 5” 5 times. BUT this will help you build stamina and endurance.
  4. Running never gets easier. I’m sorry. I hate to break it you you. You just get better at running. You get better at coping with your lungs telling you they are tired, you get better at running. Yes it will improve, and you will have good runs and bad runs. That just how it shakes out, at least in my experience.
  5. Rest days and rewards. Take this seriously. My rest day is Wednesday. I mean this is also my 12 hour day at school so I don’t have time to do anything. Rest days don’t necessarily mean doing nothing, you can lift weights, do yoga etc. Usually I take one day of the weekend off and do yoga. What are theses rewards you may be asking? WELL its sounds odd and materialistic but for example, let’s say I set a goal to run 15Km and if I get to that I can “reward” myself with some new running pants or a new purse. I mean hey this isn’t the best thing for everyone but I think that sometimes having a wee incentive is really what can make you feel good while you are running.
  6. Decide a schedule and stick to it. You will realize as you get further into running, a schedule is great and you will be having to explain to your non running friends that you can’t miss one.
  7. That being said don’t beat yourself about missing a run. Life happens, it happens to me all the time. However, if I can help it i don’t like to miss my long run. My long run is something that I really need to do. Both for stress relief and for training for my career.

Remember, running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I wanted to impart what wisdom I do have about running. And remember, when you run you get to wear fun pants and colourful shoes. Embrace the pants. Embrace the shoes.

My lowish waste day bag

Tuesdays. Wednesdays. The two days of my week that are extensive. My two days that start at 7:30 and end at 8:30. Wednesdays end a 9. As someone who is gluten free, finding food on campus that is not a salad or fries is a difficult task. So I tend to make my lunches on these days as well as snacks and dinner. Wednesdays I do splurge and eat at our on campus eatery.

However, what I have found with working, then going to class was I was so much trash using straws because I make my own iced coffee. Yes, like a hipster, I used mason jars for most things. I have started making my own salads (who am I) and roasting nuts and then taking whatever other snacks I have around like yogurt, bananas, pita chips, and for dinner I take whatever I have made that Sunday or the night before.


I am on a journey to produce less waste, I have not committed to the zero waste as to be perfectly honest I have allergies and I use so much kleenex and I still buy things in packaging. There are also other areas that I find are hard because a lot of things you guy come with some packaging (possibly a sign I should do less shopping). BUT where I can I like to keep it low waste. Here are my favourite ways to be low waste on a busy day where all you want to do is buy fast food.

Get yourself a canvas tote. I have this one from h and m. Honestly not the most ethical brand, but this tote has become such a useful tool in my little low waste kit and carries everything rather well. 


My stainless steel straws. AH. AMAZING. I have been using so many plastic straws and after the last bag I bought weeks ago, I decided to not repurchase plastic ones but to order stainless steel ones from amazon and they come with three cleaning brushes which is really convenient!

My glass containers and mason jars. Yes. I’m that person at work that whips out my mason jar and drinks iced coffee. I make my salad in jars. Old salsa jar? Yah you bet. Classic mason jar? Yah you bet! I also have some glass containers with from anchor glass that do have plastic lids, BUT my main problem with my plastic containers was the fact that they were retaining smell and these don’t. I’m a gross human, I would forget to clean them out. NOW if I do they don’t smell one bit.

A re-usable “napkin”. So I don’t really use this as a napkin, but for example, when I’m done using my straws or utensils I will use this to dry them. My fork I will take off the access and dry it off so it doesn’t make my tote sticky. Yes, maybe that sounds gross but i mean if you think about men used to use hankies so…


I am by no means a zero waste person, because there are certain things that don’t make sense to me to completely give up. Tissues are a big one, I always need them because I always have allergies. Albeit my allergies have greatly improved, I still need tissues enough to an extent that reusable hankies aren’t going to do. I am looking for brands that make sustainable  tissues but as a student I pick and choose what to budget!

What do you do to try and be a bit lower waste?

Things I liked and did in October

100% Pure lip caramel in truffle – ah baby. This is beautiful. Its 100% organic, as the name would suggest, and is a beautiful hydrating lip colour. It’s a dark rose shade, my favourite kind of shade. It also smells like cake AND tastes like cake. Isn’t that ridiculous? More like awesome. It’s the perfect fall shade. Bonus, its hydrating and looks fabulous blotted.


My Hourglass Ambient lighting edit in surreal light. I just love this thing. It is just the saviour on my mornings when I’m so tired and want a simple, easy peasy look. Not sure if this is still available in Canada.


My Pur cosmetics potted disappearing act concealer. Again a simple concealer, and I don’t need to set it which I really like. I can use my fingers and just dot and go.

Oct Faves

Doing my first 10K – Ah. I will say, while this was a great experience, I no doubt experience what is called “runners remorse” which is basically while you finished the race, your time isn’t what you wanted and you feel somewhat down for the day following. However, I was told this was normal and I did run my own race and I did accomplish this.


My reusable cotton rounds – I have recently stopped purchasing cotton pads at the store in plastic packaging and made my own out of cotton yarn (I think its cotton, who knows) as well as old beach towels. Since I don’t wear foundation and I only use witch hazel in the morning these work perfectly for me. I also remove my makeup using oil cleansing which requires a cloth. Sustainable and a fun thing to make on a lazy Monday night!


Reusable netting bag – I LOVE this bag. Its lit. Honestly like how can you go wrong? I ordered this off of Amazon during the summer and it’s the best 12.99 I’ve ever spent. I’ve noticed my plastic bag consumption drastically drop and I’ve also noticed the looks I get from certain retailers when I say “no bag thanks” I sometimes get an odd look. At places like Lush this doesn’t happen, but at places like Marshalls or winners I get some odd looks from the cashier.


My naked running crops from lulu. These crops are darling. They are the “naked” sensation, which Lululemon coined as a term for pants that feel like you are wearing nothing. I also fell over when I saw the price, $128 are you kidding?! But the girl convinced me to try them on and that she loved running in them. Well ma’am you look like you are in lit shape so I’ve been convinced. Love at first site. LOVE. I got these in the summer so they were perfect for then and are still perfect for the fall weather.


Spiralizer. This month I attained a spiralizer. AMAZING. It has changed my food game completely. Spiralized zucchini, lentil pasta and homemade pasta sauce, such taste. If you are considering one I highly recommend it.


What have you been loving this month?!