Tuesdays. Wednesdays. The two days of my week that are extensive. My two days that start at 7:30 and end at 8:30. Wednesdays end a 9. As someone who is gluten free, finding food on campus that is not a salad or fries is a difficult task. So I tend to make my lunches on these days as well as snacks and dinner. Wednesdays I do splurge and eat at our on campus eatery.

However, what I have found with working, then going to class was I was so much trash using straws because I make my own iced coffee. Yes, like a hipster, I used mason jars for most things. I have started making my own salads (who am I) and roasting nuts and then taking whatever other snacks I have around like yogurt, bananas, pita chips, and for dinner I take whatever I have made that Sunday or the night before.


I am on a journey to produce less waste, I have not committed to the zero waste as to be perfectly honest I have allergies and I use so much kleenex and I still buy things in packaging. There are also other areas that I find are hard because a lot of things you guy come with some packaging (possibly a sign I should do less shopping). BUT where I can I like to keep it low waste. Here are my favourite ways to be low waste on a busy day where all you want to do is buy fast food.

Get yourself a canvas tote. I have this one from h and m. Honestly not the most ethical brand, but this tote has become such a useful tool in my little low waste kit and carries everything rather well. 


My stainless steel straws. AH. AMAZING. I have been using so many plastic straws and after the last bag I bought weeks ago, I decided to not repurchase plastic ones but to order stainless steel ones from amazon and they come with three cleaning brushes which is really convenient!

My glass containers and mason jars. Yes. I’m that person at work that whips out my mason jar and drinks iced coffee. I make my salad in jars. Old salsa jar? Yah you bet. Classic mason jar? Yah you bet! I also have some glass containers with from anchor glass that do have plastic lids, BUT my main problem with my plastic containers was the fact that they were retaining smell and these don’t. I’m a gross human, I would forget to clean them out. NOW if I do they don’t smell one bit.

A re-usable “napkin”. So I don’t really use this as a napkin, but for example, when I’m done using my straws or utensils I will use this to dry them. My fork I will take off the access and dry it off so it doesn’t make my tote sticky. Yes, maybe that sounds gross but i mean if you think about men used to use hankies so…


I am by no means a zero waste person, because there are certain things that don’t make sense to me to completely give up. Tissues are a big one, I always need them because I always have allergies. Albeit my allergies have greatly improved, I still need tissues enough to an extent that reusable hankies aren’t going to do. I am looking for brands that make sustainable  tissues but as a student I pick and choose what to budget!

What do you do to try and be a bit lower waste?

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