Essence prismatic highlighter: I bought this on a whim in good old shoppers drug mart. What a great place, it takes all your money. I bought this because I thought this might be a dupe for the Nudestix illuminaughty highlighter, but alas its not. BUT I really like this, I wear it almost daily mixed with other highlighters (the ones in my project pan). It has a blue/pink duochrome shift, and isn’t sticky at all.

essence prismatic highlighter

Essence matte bronzer: I bought this bronzer last summer because my Physicians Formula butter bronzer was too light to give me any of that sun kissed warmth I was seeking. It smells exactly like the butter bronzer and while a bit more warm, it’s not so ridiculous that you like you have had a bad tanning experience. It’s also extremely affordable.

Essence bronzer and Milani earthy elements

Milani eyeshadow palettes: I have the Milani earthy elements palette, its BEAUTIFUL. If you are looking for a cruelty free palette, at a drugstore price that actually has good matte shades, these palettes are for you. Now, I only can attest to the earthy elements one but it’s BEAUTIFUL. Now, because of my embarrassing amount of palettes I don’t use this as often now a days, but the shades are unique (trust me they don’t dupe the naked heat palette but they give a similar effect), are easy to blend and last all day! They are also pigmented even if you don’t use a primer which is a bonus.

Elf studio blushes

Elf studio blushes: I was raiding my collection and was thinking: what blush do I have that isn’t talked about at length in the beauty community. I came across my Elf Studio Blushes. These are so underrated, they are pigmented but no so pigmented that you are startled when you slap it on to your cheeks. They come in several different shades and again, like most things in this post, is affordable.

Wet n wild oaks on you cream “contour stick”: I first saw this on Youtube but it wasn’t very well liked. It wasn’t hyped at all, I only saw on YouTuber use it and it looked amazing. Of course I bought it cause I was curious. If you are not wanting to spend the money on Nudestix Bondi Bae or the Milk Makeup bronzer stick I’d say this one has you covered. I like to apply it buy swirling a flat kabuki brush and then swirling it on all the bronzer places.

Pixi Tinted lip balm

Pixi tinted lip balms: I really like these lip balms. I find they actually moisturize my lips, they smell good and are all beautifully pigmented, but not too pigmented which is what I like in a tinted lip balm (hence the name). These come in a few shades and every time I wear them I get a compliment on my lip colour.

What are your favourite drugstore products?


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    • Right! There are so many great drugstore products out there, I had a hard time just narrowing down these few 🙂

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