How did this happen? How is March over? How is it almost exams and then summer and then who knows what after that? Well, despite March being a busy month, I did like and do (okay so I didn’t actually do anything this month because I’m boring, but we had some cool events this month so that was fun). Alas, I almost forgot to do this post but I couldn’t leave ya’ll hanging.

My first thing that i liked this month was castile soap. This isn’t a new favourite but I love the green beaver lavender castile soap. It works for everything: I wash dishes with it, I put about ½ cup of the soap and the rest distilled water (so water I boiled earlier that day and mix it together). Because the soap is so concentrated that’s why i do this. I LOVE THIS. It has so many uses, I clean dishes with it, I clean the tub with it, I clean the counters with it, when I actually wash the floors I wash the floors with it. I love it because it’s natural and doesn’t irritate my lungs or nose.

Green beaver castile soap lavender

The second thing I have been loving this month is the Schmidt’s tea tree sensitive skin deodorant. I have been searching for a deodorant that doesn’t irritate my pits, a natural one that works, and a natural one that can stand a workout. This one fits the bill. Yes, I sweat more but as humans we are supposed to. Ps would you like to read a post about my switch to natural deodorant?

schmidt's tea tree deodorant

The Ordinary serum foundation. Omg. this. Foundation. Ya’ll it’s so good. It doesn’t make my face itchy, it has barely there coverage but coverage enough to even the skin tone. It comes in a billion shades which is a plus and it’s under $10. Honestly, this is the best foundation I have ever used.


The Balm Mary Lou Manizer and this random brush I got from winners. I was watching my favourite beauty Youtuber Melissa Alatorre and she does her highlight with a fluffy tapered brush over the pocket of her brow bone and cheek bone before eyeshadow and frequently will do highlight before anything else. In the video I linked she did it before her eye shadow and it was a beautiful effect. I just love the way it diffuses into the skin and ALSO I’m so close to hitting pan I can see the rings ever so faintly, hence my excitement over this new found discovery of wearing highlight.

Burts Bees foundation powder, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, The ordinary foundation

The Burts Bees foundation powder. THIS IS THE FIRST POWDER I’VE EVER DISCOVERED THAT DOESN’T MAKE ME LOOK CAKEY. Sorry, I’m not yelling at you but by golly I just can’t believe how great this is. I am doing a more thorough review on my upcoming Burt’s Bees review post, but just know its great.


The Cake Beauty wave spray. One, this smells like cake. So really you can’t go wrong. Two, it’s perfect for short hair and it’s even better when you use it on slightly wet hair before going to bed as it creates a nice textured look.

What have you been liking and doing this month?

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