It was a cold morning of me drinking coffee and gandering the colourpop website and alas, I made a wee bit of an order. This was about a month and a half ago, and I’m realizing this is two hauls in a row (oops) but this is more of a review then a haul! Let me start by saying, I enjoy most colourpop products except their liquid lipsticks. I love their supershock eyeshadows, they are a unique formula that you can’t find in any other brand. I decided to order a few of those and some lippies!


I got four supershock eyeshadows, and one liquid shadow. Ugh. I LOVE the formula of supershock shadows – they are absolutely amazing. I got the shades cornelious, twitterpated, truth, cosmic charge and a supernova shadow in running in orbits. These are so easy to use in the morning when you are in a rush and need to get a easy wash of colour (my all time favourite look). I like that they feel bouncy and usually don’t crease on me unless I’m extremely sweaty, but even then I find that they last the entire work day in the summer which is a bonus.




The lip glosses. I really wanted to love these, I do like the shades! Particularly “fairy me”. I will wear them and get use out of them, but honestly these aren’t anything super special! I would say, they have a lot of colour options which is great and the biggest selling point of them in my opinion. However, the formula is nothing too exciting but if you don’t have any lip glosses or just want more colours than these are for you! I also didn’t find them super sticky or gloppy which is a bonus but they aren’t my new favourites if you get what I mean.


The blotted lips. Are fricken amazing. I can’t stop loving them. They are very matte and slightly powdery feeling on the lips but they are stunning shades and super easy to wear. I got the shade “on a stick” which is a beautiful coral shade, my favourite the spring summer season (really any season) and the shade “bees knees” which is a beautiful fuschia magenta shade perfect pop to really any look you want.  You don’t need a mirror and can reapply throughout the day without worrying about getting it everywhere. I like to put on a lip balm then put these over top and the impact of these is beautiful. They are a sheer formula that can be built up as if you have actually blotted your lips on a tissue. I would definitely buy more of these!

What are you favourite items from colourpop?

2 Comments on “Colourpop haul and review

    • Awe thank you so much!! Yes the shadows are amazing! I highly recommend them 🙂 I have had a few of my others for about two years and they haven’t dried up! I store them in my drawer and close them tightly!!

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