Recently, I have been noticing something (which is obvious but bare with me) when I use natural based products my skin itself is clear and doesn’t feel congested. When I purchased some fun products from the Burts Bees makeup line I noticed immediately an improvement on my cheek texture. Obviously I remove my makeup every night, partake in the double cleanse and have a skincare routine (which I am still trying to perfect). But, when using blushes like the Burts Bees bare peach that I will be talking about, I really enjoyed the effect and the evident way in which it improved my skin texture. Read on if you want a review of some of the Burts Bees makeup line! I know this old news in the beauty world but to me I think they are still worth reviewing! 

Mascara, blush, foundation powder, lipstick

Bare Peach blush

The blush: this was what I was most excited for. Of course I wanted to toasted cinnamon but alas it was out of stock at the Walmart I was raiding so I decided to get bare peach. This blush is really nice. Its smooth and pigmented but not too pigmented. My only complaint is that it does fade throughout the day and essentially disappear. While some might think this is a bad thing I don’t mind because the makeup is absorbing into your skin, which means at least the ingredients are healthy and clean therefore I don’t feel like I’m ingesting odd chemicals.

Foundation powder

The foundation powder: This is the BEST powder I have tried for dry and dehydrated skin. I LOVE this powder. I used it as actual foundation one day and it didn’t make me look dry and cakey which other powders do (looking at you NYX). This is a great powder and I highly recommend it if you are in need of a clean, more affordable face powder.


glossy lipstick

The mascara: This really surprised me. I had seen some videos on it and people weren’t overly impressed. BUT I have also been searching for a clean mascara, and I think this is it. Dare I say this will be my new, for lack of a better term, holy grail mascara? It survived the rain, it survived an intense physio session where I sweat my butt off and it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

The glossy lipstick: These are moisturizing, pigmented and absolutely stunning on the lips. I love the smell, I love the sheen, I love the vibe. If you get anything from this post GET THIS. Any colour that suits your fancy, I highly recommend.

Have you tried any of the products yet?

2 Comments on “Burts Bees Review

  1. I love burts bee’s I haven’t had the chance to try much from their makeup line, I’ve got one lipstick which I quite enjoy but I love their lipbalms they have to be some of my favourites.


    • Yes! Their lipsticks are my favourite! Funnily enough I have never tried their actual lip balms! I will have to give them a gander next time I am in need of some!!

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