Because of my allergies and asthma, I have switched my cleaning to toxic free! It is an odd thing for me to be blogging about but it is just something that has improved my life so much. I don’t get a runny nose now when I clean my dishes or wipe off the bathroom sink or when I clean my bedroom floor!

I wanted to give a few non toxic cleaning swaps that anyone can do at home. I have compiled a small list of things I have changed that have greatly improved my allergies and asthma.

vinegar-spray-First, a good old vinegar, water and essential oil cleaning mix. I find all my recipes on Pinterest. The thing you need to know: do not mix castile soap with vinegar it will be an oily mess. My favourite combination is a vinegar, distilled water (I usually use what is left over from the kettle) and tea tree essential oil, or lavender essential, sometimes I also use a bit of peppermint or lemon essential oil. I even have this cute little pink spray bottle for my concoctions.


Laundry detergent, my personal favourite  Nellie’s natural laundry detergent.  It has about three ingredients and keeps your clothes clean and fresh. It is probably one of my most favourite things to use. I usually do laundry sparingly because of the cost in my apartment, but when I move home I shall start using this more.


Dish soap. I was using the castile soap from Dr. Bronners but this was too oily for me, it is really liquidy so you can use a lot in one sitting. I have switched to just buying stuff from Marshalls in their little natural cleaning section which I am happy with despite the price tag that is a bit higher than you conventional soap.

Lysol wipes. So I don’t do this often but I do tend to make my own “lysol wipes” using old shirts, and a rubbing alcohol, essential oil mixture. Mostly though I just put a dab of castile soap on a rag and go to town.

Green Beaver Castile soap

Which brings me to castile soap (how many times can I mention this is one post). I have personally been enjoying the green beaver castile soap, they sell it on and at Marshalls and Winners. I tend to buy it there but it lasts forever and is a great way to get things sparkling clean. If you want your bathtub to be spotless my favourite thing to do is put a bunch of baking soda then wipe it down with a rag saturated in castile soap or spray it with your vinegar spray and let it make a paste then wipe it clean. 

What are you favourite ways to clean?

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