This bronzer was on my radar since its release. I was on the fence because I haven’t heard many reviews, and the I haven’t heard the best reviews from creators that I trust. But when my brother got me a Sephora gift card for my birthday I thought this might be the perfect time to try it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer packaging

I got the shade Tawny, which Anastasia recommends for people with cool or neutral undertones according to the Sephora website, which is me to tea. I got this in store and am proud I actually picked out the recommended shade. However, most of the shades in the range feel quite similar and are a bit red leaning.

The formula is finely milled, as is one of its claims, and it is very smooth. I love it as an eyeshadow so much, it is my current go to for a crease shade. As for an actual bronzer, yes it’s great, but this is not the bronzer for you if you are a first time bronzer wearer. It is quite pigmented which I haven’t decided if I like in a bronzer yet or not in general.

Anastasia review open

Cost. This bronzer retails for $36.00 CAD which is actually a really a great price for a high end bronzer. That is one of the things I love about Anastasia Beverly Hills, she keeps her prices reasonable for great product. Since this bronzer pigmented it will last you forever, unless you bathe in it which I’m not opposed to but either way you get a lot for you money. Because I love Anastasia and supporting female owned brands, this gets at 4/5 for me if we are doing a scale rating. I didn’t dislike it enough to return but I also didn’t love it enough to consider it, dare I say this term, a ride or die in my collection. For eyeshadow however, I love love love this on the lids. Bottom line, yes I recommend this, but only if you really understand and know your bronzer game.

Have you tried any new products lately?

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