There has been a lot of talk in the media and blog world about natural deodorant. Now, I won’t get into the scientific things behind aluminum in deodorant and whether or not they pose health risks, but I switched because I wanted to wear cruelty free deodorant. I thought I would curate this post about which deodorants have worked for me and how I made the switch.

Toms of Maine and Schmidts's Lavender

When switching to natural deodorant I started with the Toms natural antiperspirant. So when I started I think it was last year, so September 2017 (I think but maybe earlier I feel like I’ve been using it forever), I was a sweaty mc sweater. I sweat A LOT and when I first started using natural deodorants I sweat so much, I think it was my body getting used to sweating again. I will say though I never had a traditional deodorant that worked before, so it really wasn’t a matter of wanting it to be free of harsh chemicals, I was desperate to find something that worked. The Toms remains one of my favourites. I tend to use this one more for vigorous activity but even then I will also use my Schmidt’s one.


Local deodorant

The second best one is the Schmidt’s sensitive skin formula, this is the best smelling most effective deodorant I have ever used. YES it is expensive but honestly I feel like I sweat less then I did when I wore traditional deodorant. The Jason and Green Beaver deodorants are not super effective, they just don’t work on me, I can smell myself after about 2 hours of wear time. The Kiss My Face isn’t my favourite either, I find it doesn’t really work, I usually put this on after work before I workout but its not the best I am just trying to use it up. Same with the deodorant from my hometown, it smells really good but I use this either layering deodorant or a before bed one.


What do you need to know about natural deodorant? First, you should know you have to apply it more regularly and second you need to thoroughly clean your pits each night and you’ll be good to go. You really just have to let you body detox per say in order to get used to wearing natural deodorant and slightly smelling yourself if you are very sweaty, even then I’ve noticed that I don’t smell a lot! So progress?

Have you ever tried natural deodorant?

2 Comments on “Blune Day 9: How to Transition to Natural Deodorant

  1. This is so timely–I literally just got off the phone with my friend, telling her about how I’ve decided to stop using conventional deodorant! I’ll have to look into some of these brands!

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