SPF is the most important step to any skincare routine. The experts say to apply sunscreen after moisturizer but I apply it as my moisturizer because I use a SPF 30 moisturizer. First, a bit about what SPF is and some definitions. I won’t go into the mineral vs. chemical because that is a post for another time. SPF stands for sun protection factor that generally products the UVB rays from the sun. SPF 30 protects 97% of the UVB rays and SPF 50 protects 98% of UVB rays. While experts don’t often recommend a moisturizer with SPF because the concentration isn’t actually that effective and you aren’t putting as much on as you would a separate sunscreen, I use one because I don’t find myself outside all day because I work in an office with minimal windows. According to dermatologists moisturizers with SPF dilutes the SPF making it not as effective. For me, my problem is that a separate SPF and moisturizer never mesh well together and because I wake up slightly later than planned for work everyday I just don’t have the time to wait for my moisturizer to dry then put the SPF on top. And at that, it then doesn’t mesh well with certain makeup items. Alas, it is a struggle which is why I’m on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer.

The first SPF I want to share is that I’ve been using is Aveeno Fresh Essentials nourishing moisturizers. I don’t generally use Aveeno but I was looking for something accessible and affordable. I have been trying to go cruelty free as much as possible but its a slow process as skincare can run more expensive than finding cruelty free makeup. Pros, it is a moisturizer so I get the moisturizing benefits and it does have SPF 30. This one has all the UVB absorbers which are FDA approved (which I know doesn’t say much but bear with me I’m just dipping my toes in this ingredient world) is a plus and doesn’t irritate my skin. Cons,  I worry that the effectiveness is diminished because it is in a moisturizer, but I’m not outside often and when I do run outside I use a different sunscreen, and its not cruelty free.

La Roche Posay and Aveeno

The second one I wanted to share was the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 60. This is a French pharmacy brand that carries several different types of sunscreens. They formulate products specifically for sensitive skin and claims to have a matte finish. Which was exciting because that is what I need. I use this on no makeup days or days when I have time to let my moisturizer sit between that and layering this. I don’t think La Roche Posay is cruelty free but this said “matte finish” I think my whole thing is I need to grab a lightweight fast absorbing moisturizer. Any ideas please leave a comment or shoot me a message on my instagram.

Alba Bontanica

The Alba Botancia SPF 40 sport sunscreen. I really like this for just that, sport. It does not sit well under makeup or mix together well with moisturizers at all. It just peels right off. I like this for running because as it says it is meant for sport, so alas that is what I use it for. It is the only cruelty free option of the bunch so I’m on the hunt for an affordable sunscreen. I have my eye on a few so when I run out of these ones I will report back.

A final note about SPF, WEAR IT not matter what. SPF is one of the key things to keeping you skin healthy and glowing. The best reason to use SPF everyday is to minimize your chance of skin damage that can cause cancer and sun spots which increase risk of cancer. It also keeps your skin healthy and glowing

What is your favourite sunscreen?



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