I wanted to do a bit of a different post today, a post about what’s in my work bag! I think it’s fascinating to see what people carry around in their bags with them and I thought I would share some fun things that I generally have in bag.

First, I always have a few lip options and of course a lip balm. Currently I have the Burts Bees lip balm and then just a few different lip options including the NYX soft matte lip creams and the Lush lipstick in Strong. I do also usually have a lip gloss but I think that one might be in my other after work/socializing purse.


Then a fun one for ya’ll I keep imodium and oval in my bag at all times. You think it would be Advil but for me the I like to have these on me just in case my bowels deceive me at work or I eat some wheat or something that I shouldn’t and need to save the office from any stenches. I also keep a little reusable rag for wiping off my reusable straws and also if I need to blot my lipstick. 

Headphones. I work in an office where we do a lot of video editing and you can listen to music while you work on your computer so I like to have these around. It’s also nice to have them for the short walk to and from work to listen to the podcasts I love.



I also usually always have some sort of gum, and it’s always the Pur brand from Winners or Marshalls. I love cinnamon gum. It’s my favourite so I generally have that flavour.

Pur cinnamon gum


I always have hand sanitizer and hand cream. I used to have the Lush dream cream in a mini but it ran out and thanks to my BFF who got me hand cream for galentines day I have this new cake beauty one that smells like delicious sugar but not in a sickly way, and same with my hand sanitizer from bath and body works it’s so nice. I keep these two mainly because I work in an office where a lot of people are sick all the time so I like to have these on hand.

I keep a perfume in my bag as well. I don’t ever really use it but if I forgot to put some on I’ll put it on at lunch or on a break just for a nice scent. Calvin Klein perfume

Chapters bag

Now what do I keep all these fun items in? I have a little makeup pouch my mom gave me for Christmas a few years ago and this tote bag from chapters I got last year. Its very useful and fits all my work day needs.

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