Makeup. It’s obviously something I love and will always love, but it is also an industry that more broadly has so many layers that I have been thinking about.  I have been thinking a lot about makeup and beauty in terms of consumption and the idea of the fast production of makeup products for fast consumption by consumers and the hype that surrounds makeup. This hype is the buy buy buy aspect and I find myself usually seeking inspiration in new products. I have been finding myself re-inspired by both old and new products that have found their way into my collection.



I recently found myself re-inspired with my makeup as I was packing it up to move. It is so funny the products you forget about and the products that you find yourself missing that you’ve used up. In fact it was a new product that inspired this post, the Joe Fresh Neutrals palette. I cannot believe how lovely and simple this palette is and how easy it is to use. I didn’t have high hopes, I just was in the market for a new neutral cruelty free affordable palette. It inspired me because of its simplicity and I have been really inspired by the wash of colour looks you see on the red carpet or that Estee Lalonde.


This post was something that has been brewing because for awhile I was not as enamoured by makeup as I used to be which I think often stems from the fact that as bloggers (and I’m a super small blogger) we own a lot of stuff almost for the sake of owning it, which I why I have been loving project panning and I’m hoping to start another one in July after I return from my trip. I also have been forcing myself to be more creative with the products I already own. It sounds funny to someone who probably owns one foundation and one eyeshadow palette, but because I do l often found myself falling into the hype of products just to try them. I am not saying I haven’t been buying makeup because clearly I have, but it is just something I have become more aware of in these past few months then I have before. 

Recently though I have been feeling more inspired by my own collection because I have had to pack so much of it I have just left out key pieces that I need on the daily until I move home so that is forcing me to use the same products everyday. Now I think a part my re falling in love with makeup is skincare. I have been on the hunt for great skincare and I am still working my routine out but thus far I think I found the perfect moisturizer to wear under all my SPF products which I think has also made my skin look better therefore I can wear the glass skin trend or my bold cheek looks.

This post was prompted by a gander I took to Sephora the other day with my friend and I repurchased an old favourite and something new, and previously in the week whilst getting an essential at the Body Shop I repurchased my tried and true honey bronzing dome in the highlight shade. It almost was like going back to basics and I’m so excited to have done so because it has made me fall in love with makeup as whole again. I was never out of love but I was in a real slump for awhile so to speak with my base products and my eyeshadow and I think I’ve finally found my groove again with eyeshadows. My makeup routine is kind of like my skincare routine, I am constantly evolving in my tastes but am always in pursuit of the perfect capsule makeup routine (which is ironic considering my collection which I adore of course) but I have yet to find those theannaedit style go to products and am excited to find them! 

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