Next week I’m going to the homeland and the other London. I have never been to the either place so I’m excited to experience the culture, the food and the beautiful scenery. I thought since I recently did my travel makeup bag, this would be a fun a little series for travelling. London is a notoriously fashionable place so I want to somewhat fit in with the people.

I am taking a few pairs of jeans and a few pairs of pants. One black pair of pants and one green, and then two pairs of jeans, a mom style and a the black Jamie Skinny jeans. These go perfectly with the blouses I’m bringing including a polka dot one, a floral one and a basic white t shirt.

I am also bringing my Blundstones for Aberdeen since its a bit cooler there and of course my pink Vans for the day to day. I also need to get a pair of black plain slip on shoes so alas I shall attain some before I leave. I wanted to throw in a pair of fancyish shoes just in case we somehow go somewhere for dinner that may require such shoes.

Packing for the United Kingdom.png
A lot of my style inspiration comes from Estee Lalonde who is a Canadian living in London, which basically means I want to be her and I stalked her instagram for a bit of inspiration. I love the idea of a basic look then I use my makeup as an accessory – mostly a poppin highlight. I think that these outfits are both comfortable for touring but (hopefully) fashionable. I also of course am brining a rain jacket because it gets quite rainy in London and Aberdeen so I thought it best to bring one. I also threw in a cardigan just in case I wanted one.

What are you go to travel pieces of clothing? Stay tuned for a carry on travel post!

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