Ah blune, a wonderful month of blogging, new products, product rediscovery and learning so much about the blog world! First, thank you to all my new readers who have joined the fam! I am so excited to keep creating content for you!

I thought I would pop in here and write the last post of blune! I honestly really had no idea for the last post and yes there are only 27 days but it was a gander of a time and I loved creating new posts (mostly) everyday from day 1 to day 26! 




Here are a few things I learned during Blune

  1. Blogging everyday is a challenge when you work full time
  2. Blogging everyday made me more creative and thoughtful then I usually am. I really liked that it challenged me creatively which I haven’t had in awhile.
  3. I now want to do blogmas but we shall see what happens
  4. Everyone has been amazing about this and I’m so excited to keep blogging and creating.

The trajectory of my blog has definitely had an update since it’s early days and I wanted to let you know that July is going to have some fun travel content, some (of course) more beauty content and more body image/health content! I also might do a few newish post ideas and am excited to see how those come together. I also ordered a tripod (hello swatch game) so I’m hoping to do more in-depth reviews of products for you all! As well as take some better outfit photos (not that my outfits are that exciting but alas). 

Happy July and I will be back in about a week or so after my UK trip!

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