Recently I went on a journey for an overnight soiree with my cousin. I knew I wouldn’t need a ton of makeup and when I was packing I became inspired by to do this post: what products can I bring that require no brushes. Bingo – it was these ones.

First, I wanted a nice light base as I usually do (yet I own like four foundations but here we are) so I chose my one and only, the First Aid Beauty Tinted moisturizer. I love this, its dewy but not sticky and blends beautifully over the skin with your fingers. I love that it is literally a tint, not full coverage and not no coverage, just a nice filter for the skin.

Colourpop Lunk Money, Nudestix Bondi Bae, The body shop lip and cheek tint

Next I of course can’t live without my cheek products. I brought along my Body shop cream blush in dusty rose. Its dewy and easy to use which was the whole goal. I also brought my Colourpop highlighter because it doesn’t require brushes and its melts nicely into the skin (and I’m almost done it which is bonus). I brought along Nudestix bondi bae because it has a brush on the other end. Kind of cheating I know, but if you are really going for the absolutely no brushes then you could use your fingers to blend this bad boy out. 

Burts Bees Mascara, 100% Pure lip caramel


Wearing all the products I featured in this post!

I have been loving using the Annabelle brow gel. I find that it makes perfectly feathery brows and is easy to use. It’s not too pigmented but also not too sheer. Of course I brought my classic Burt’s Bees Mascara and my 100% Lip caramel. I tend to use a tinted lip balm but really whatever lip product you want works for this look. I also if I want to be a bit more exciting like to have some sort of cream eye shadow around that you dab on with your fingers for that wash of colour (can you tell I love this phrase). 

What are your go to products for a minimal brush look?

7 Comments on “The Minimal Brush look

  1. Love this, you look so natural and pretty! I’ve always found it difficult to do minimal makeup because I wasn’t happy with my skin but now it’s clearing up (fingers crossed!) sometimes I just pop on moisturiser, concealer around my nose, mascara and away I go xx

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    • Awe thank you so much! ❤ and thanks for reading! YAY good for you girl!! I love it! It always feels great to feel good in your skin! What's your go to moisturiser!? I'm always on the hunt for a good one 🙂

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      • I use Superdrugs own Vitamin E day cream, it’s so inexpensive and I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin, I recommend it to everyone! xx

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      • ouu good to know!! If I’m ever near a superdrug (alas Canada is not graced with their presence) I will pick it up!!! ❤

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      • Ah damn it, in that case I would suggest any moisturiser with Vitamin E in it, it moisturises the skin and keeps it really healthy! ❤

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