Hi all! So as you know I am doing a year long project pan. I never specified the number because I’m still new to this project pan world but I wanted to add some items this month because I’ve actually finished a few items and realized most people to 10 items for 2018 or more so I decided to add a few items for the tail end of 2018.


First things that have shown some progress. The Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is FINALLY showing more wear and tear. I use this probably 2-3 times a week but I have also been fancying it as a good crease shade then throwing a nice shiny shade on the middle of lid. Second, my NYX dark circle corrector. Fam, I really like this. I feel like I bought it and didn’t really care for it because I kept switching between products BUT this actually is so great! I love that NYX is affordable and has such a variety of shades in their line, as a bonus its cruelty free and I am actually excited to use this up.

My colourpop highlighter in Lunch Money. I really like this highlighter, and the pan has definitely expanded but it just isn’t doing it for me like it used to. Don’t get me wrong, this is beautiful but I’ve been more into my Becca champagne pop and my Anastasia liquid highlighter that this has taken a bit of back seat.


My Covergirl Nudes. Okay so I’ve decided I’m going to try and use as much of this palette as I can and declutter it in 2019. I love the shades, I love how neutral the colour story is because at heart I love a boring brown, but frankly it gets a bit boring. So the way I have been using this is in my brows and the light shade as a brow highlight. My 100% pure lip caramel in truffle. This is actually very well used and I can start to see that I’m scraping the side. My only gripe is that the packaging is kind of breaking and I will take an insta story on my instagram and save it to my highlights under blog because it was expensive so I just want to showcase what can happen to it.


I have also decided to roll in 4 products. Probably a bit ambitious but you know what, I’m living on the edge. I am rolling in two eye shadow products. The Colourpop Supernova eye shadow in Running in Orbits (I think this shade might be discontinued cause I can no longer find it online). This is a beautiful taupe brown (gee so original in my arsenal) and I love how glittery and beautiful it looks. Next I am rolling in the Essence eyeshadow stick (rip these are discontinued also because I can’t find it online) in She’s got the Mauve. I have really been enjoying lining my lashes with brown or mauve so I thought this was a great thing to carry me into fall. Since I finished my concealer in my 13 by Halloween I thought I would add one to this project. I am going to try and use up the Wet n Wild photo focus concealer because it is really good. I do like how it sits under the eyes but I’m hoping with my project I can form a better opinion. Finally my old favourite, interview lipstick Milani Nude Creme. I LOVE this shade. It’s the perfect mix of pink and brown for my fair skin and I love the formula. It smells yummy but it is going on 3 years old so I want to see how much I can use before 2019.



Are you panning anything? How’s it going?

4 Comments on “Project Pan Update the Third

  1. I’ve been doing a project pan this year and I feel like I’ve been terrible at it. I have an especially hard time trying to use the lip products that I chose. I plan on finally decluttering everything regardless but it’s been harder than I expected.

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    • I totally understand that! Some projects are harder then others! Lip products are the bane of my existence! they are just so hard to use up! Don’t worry your next project will be better. I find that if I pick products I like (not just old ones) it feels like I can see more progress from month to month cause I’m actually using them!


  2. The pan on that highlighter!!! I am working on one of my ColourPop Super Shock Cheek highlighters right now. I can’t wait until it gets to that point.

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    • Thank you!! It took awhile but its still going! I find myself getting bored of it but also having this need to finish it so I’ve been wearing this combined with whatever other highlighter I’m feeling that day! lol!

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