We all have a habit of seasoning our makeup – burgundy eye shadow in the fall, darker more mauve blushes, deep berry lipsticks, but I say let’s keep wearing peach! I was looking through my peach blushes and notice I have ones that work extremely well for a fall looks. I don’t think there is anything wrong with seasoning blushes! I do it too! But I’m not ready not drop some of my peach blush love just yet. I wanted to outline a few tricks and swaps I’ve made in my peach blush life to transition them from summer to fall.


For the spring and summer months I like to go the Milani Luminoso route, or shall I say the baked glowy blush route. I had four powder blushes I rotated through along with a few cream ones, that I would either wear on their own or wear in combination with the glowy blushes in my arsenal. The main difference between the peach blushes I’m bringing into fall and the ones I’ve been rotating through are application.


My four blushes of choice for the summer and throughout September are the Hourglass Incandescent Electra (not pictured), the Kiko Gold Waves Coral sunset, Milani luminoso and the Elf blush in Twinkle Pink. All of these blushes have something in common – they all come across of as cheek toppers versus blushes that are adding that flush to your cheeks that is generally thought of in the Fall-Winter months.

To transition your peach blushes into fall I suggest viewing blush as a mixing medium. For example, I have been panning my Body Shop lip and cheek tint which is a natural rose shade and topping it off with the Hourglass blush. I also have a few shades I suggest that give the same peachy vibe but in a fall esque way.



The first one I am going to talk about is the Burt’s Bees blush in Bare Peach. This blush looks matte in the pan but to me has a more satin finish. It is a darker peach so it gives a more edgy vibe then a bright peach blush like Milani Luminoso. In that way, you can wear this with any fall eye look, presuming its a complimentary shade such a warm brown, neutral brown, or monochromatic with peaches, coral peaches, and borderline cherry red shades as well as and even pinky shades.


Another blush that falls into the vein of fall blush is MAC peachtwist. This is the perfect fall peach blush. It is a more golden peach blush that can go with many eye looks including a peachy eye, a cranberry eye, neutral browns, and monochromatic looks. These blushes are sheertone blushes so they are buildable so that you can go ham and then easily blend them out. Another blush that transcends the fall and is in the peach-honey family is the L’Oreal True Match blush in bare honey (not sure if this colour is available anymore but they always have tons of shades at Superstone in Canada). I bought this because of Estee Lalonde’s old videos where she raved about them and they are very similar to the MAC blush in application and finish. This blush is borderline bronze but is a light shade that is specifically designed for warm undertones. I think that we too often limit ourselves to the season, and if you do that that’s awesome! But there shouldn’t be a pressure to always have to change out your makeup and I think that peach can transcend seasons.

What is your favourite peach toned blush?

4 Comments on “Tips for Wearing Peach Blush in the Fall

  1. My favourite peachy blush is the Anastasia Peachy Love blush trio, although the Too Faced Sparkling Bellini Sweethearts blush is a close second! I love peachy blushes in the fall 🙂 Great post!

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    • Great picks!! I’ve never tried the Anastasia blush formula! Will have to put it on my list! Awe thank you so much! ❤

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