Hello all! If you are following this project with other bloggers and YouTubers then you will see they have already posted their updates earlier this month. But I felt that since the finale is Oct 31, I wanted to put this up today so I could actually have a bit more progress to show. I didn’t finish any products this month like I did last update but I made some significant progress.

Joe Fresh Tinted Lip Balm in Mango


Update 1


Update 2

I am so excited about the progress on this product! I have a significant dip in this and I think I can actually get this at least half this size by Halloween. I keep this at my desk so I reapply it throughout the day so that is how I’ve been able to get such good progress.

Nudestix Tinted Blur stick


Update 1


Update 2

I am so happy with my progress on this! I used this at least 2-3 days a week (since I’m also testing other foundations and such) and it has gone down significantly from last update as you can see in the comparison photos!

Nudestix Bondi Bae


update 1


update 2

I am happy with my progress on this but I didn’t use it as much as I was planning. I really like this cream bronzer but sometimes it can be a bit too red toned so I usually pair it with its brand counter part versus my tinted moisturizer than can pull orange then it’s just a whole situation.

Cover Fx Loose setting powder


update 1


update 2

I thought I would have more progress but unfortunately since moving back to Northern Ontario I really haven’t been using a lot of this one and I was really hoping to have it done by Halloween. I might start using it to set from my crease to my brow bone and continue using as ever so slight amount under my eyes.

Becca Champagne Pop


update 1


update 2

I actually have quite significant progress on this. While I haven’t hit pan on it I can see a little dip which is exciting! I think to finish up what would be my second highlighter ever would be amazing.

Garnier 3 in 1 rose moisturizer


This is going quite well. I use this every single night as my last step and slather it on. To be quite honest, while this feel luxurious I don’t know how much it actually moisturizes. I feel like my Lush celestial does a much better job and my skin the next morning actually feels moisturized so when I’m done this one I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing.

Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint


I haven’t been using this as a makeup product but I have been using it mixed in with my morning moisturizer and have quite been liking it. You can see that it has a significant dip and I think I can get even more use this coming month because of the colder weather rolling in I am gonna want even more glow then I like now.

Colourpop Kathleenlights




Update 2 ( I didn’t take a clear picture in my first update so alas there is not one)

I don’t think these shadows ever end. I see the people on YouTube with such good pan and here I am barely making a dent! Granted I have only been using this 1-2 times a week but I was hoping to see some pan but I don’t think that will happen.

Lush Karma Solid Perfume


Again I have not been using but I’ve decided to keep it at my desk to apply throughout the day. I don’t think I will hit my goal of make a good dent but hopefully if I have it at my desk I’ll be able to use it a lot more.

Revlon Youth Fx concealer


I feel like this is a lot lighter in weight then it was at the beginning of the project so I’m confident I will finish it by halloween. Pro tip – if you like to see how much product you’ve used don’t buy this for it has opaque packaging

The First aid Beauty tinted moisturizer

This doesn’t have its own picture because I’ve been bad at marking it off. But it feels like its nearing the end when I squeeze it. The next product again has opaque packaging but I can feel that it is getting quite empty and it feels so much lighter then when I started the project.

The body shop lip and cheek tint


Again, this has opaque packaging so I can’t really tell how much I’ve used but I can tell that it is a lot lighter in weight and less is starting to come out on the little doe foot applicator.

Products I’ve used up in this project

Nudestix concealer

The ordinary hyaluronic acid and B5

Thanks for reading! What are you trying to use up?!


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