Whenever I find out about a brand, I always search to see if they are Canadian. I wanted to round up my top 3 brands that have Canadian roots.  

Annabelle Cosmetics

This is a quintessential drugstore brand from Canada. Their eyeliners are popular, as are their bronzers. I have the bronzers, but one of my favorites products is the Annabelle highlighter and the Annabelle hydrating primer. These two products are what I love for a glowy day. I also enjoy their cream highlighter and their blushes. This is also one of the most affordable brands you can find at the drugstore. 

Cheekbone Beauty

I LOVE this brand. The story is inspiring, the proceeds go to a great cause. I love their lipsticks and their highlighting palette. Their liquid lipsticks are named after inspirational and successful Aboriginal women each with their own story. What drew me to this brand was the story, please go read about it! I also like to use liquid lipsticks when I don’t want a reapplication but when I want a colour that lasts most of the day. Their liquid lipsticks don’t dry out the lips and come in a variety of amazing colours. 


I enjoy this brand for many reasons. The first one is how easy and accessible it is in Canada. They make great highlighters, bronzers, and blushes that are all easy to apply. I’d like to try more of their items particularly their very first foundation launch. They are somewhat of a unique brand in that they do such user-friendly products even though arguably there are other user-friendly items on the market in this same form. There is something about the sleek black tubes and ease of use that draws me to the brand.

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