Better late than never I suppose. I took a brief hiatus from the blog purely because my work has been busy and I haven’t had the time to sit down and write. I wanted to go over what I bought in the VIB sale in November aka Sephora keeps having these sales that I keep getting suckered into even though Shoppers generally has better deals and a better point system. 

The skincare

For this haul I was very into the idea of skin. I commute, and drive  A LOT for my work, and am in an office, which takes a whole separate toll on my skin.  I have been noticing a lack of hydration and also really wanted to try a super expensive cleansing combo and then do a blog post in the coming months about what happened to my skin. The first cleanser I bought was the Tata Harper nourishing cleanser. This cleanser is specifically a makeup remover (which I use in my drugstore routine so I thought I would do it in this one). Review to come. I then bought the Drunk Elephant Beste Cleanser. Honestly, I love this cleanser, I’ve had a few samples of it and so far it’s lovely. 

I then bought my trusty Drunk Elephant Lala retro moisturizer and a new essence from Tata Harper. It is the Tata Harper Hylaronic Acid Floral Essence. Again, a review to come on all these. 

Hair Care

After listening to the Emma Guns show with the Living Proof creative director I was super inspired to try the line. I got the super detox shampoo and their famous dry shampoo. I will say, this is one of the better dry shampoos I’ve tried and will likely repurchase. The clarifying shampoo isn’t my favourite but I’ll use it up. 


I swear friends, I was not going to buy any makeup this year at the sale but you know what I cannot resist sparkly packaging so here we are. I got three items from the MAC holiday collection. I love these products. Review to come this month! I got the neutral eye shadow palette and the Star Dipped face palette in light and the lip set in bold.

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