We all know that my infatuation with eyeshadows runs deep in my veins and one night, likely after a on call shift, i was ready to order some inexpensive but quality makeup. I decided to order four of the ELF Cosmetics mini bite-sized eyeshadow palettes. These babies are $3 each and pack quite the punch. 

All quads together

I want to say that first and foremost, these do not meet the quality of Natasha Denona or Anastasia Beverly Hills but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy these and that for the price (and I’m not a fan of using that term) that these aren’t wonderful shadows. The shimmers are really where all of these palettes shine.

The matte shades aren’t the best, but they also aren’t the worst. I would say these are more buildable than packing a punch right away. I find that what I enjoy is that the darkest shade being a bit lighter in pigment is actually beneficial when trying to build an entire look. I don’t think these palettes are not necessarily for creating a full look, because I have found myself needing to supplement with inner corner highlight or a blending transition shade. 

Let’s look at the claims:  “These palettes deliver mini eye magic in a perfect size. The luxe formula is creamy, blendable, & ultra-pigmented. 8 ultra-pigmented palettes, A mix of matte & shimmer shades, Easily blendable formula, Perfect size for travel”.

The first one I got wanted to talk about was the Rosewater quad. This one feels very spring to me and feels very easy to use. There are two shimmers and a stain and a matte shade. I find the shimmers is where this palette shines. 

Rosewater Quad
Rose Water Quad
Swatches of Rosewater quad
Swatches – unedited

The next one I wanted to talk about is Berry Rad. I got this one purely because I saw the promo photos and the model looked beautiful wearing it. The quad has two shimmers and two matte shades. These err on the side of red with a hint of Modern Renassaince vibes. 

Berry Rad Quad
Swatches of Berry Rad
unedited swatch in natural light

The third one I purchased was Pumpkin Pie. What a shock. Me going for a warm-toned shades. Again, this one as two mattes and two shimmers. This is a nice warm-toned palette for easy “wearable” work looks. 

Pumpkin Pie qaud
Pumpkin Pie Swatches
unedited swatch in natural light

The fourth quad I purchased was the Hot Jalapeno quad and honestly, this one is standout for me. The greens of the mattes and shimmers are pigmented and it’s quite easy to make a green look. I feel like what is missing from all the quads is an inner corner highlighter, but at the same time, this isn’t a deal-breaker for me. 

Jalapeno Quad
Swatches of the hot Jalapeno Quad

Overall rating: I am going to give these a 4/5 . I think that the score would be higher, but I do find these were really hyped up for what they are. These are a good formula, and these are in my everyday rotation, especially the Rosewater one, that has been a staple. I would say if you want easy to use, inexpensive quads, go for these ones!

4 Comments on “Bite Size Eyeshadow Mini Palette Review

  1. I just reviewed some of these as well! The shimmers were pretty awesome! Especially for drugstore products. I also bought the Rose one and wasn’t impressed with those mattes. Didn’t perform well! Great review !

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    • Right? The mattes were just meh for me. Like they blend away super easily! Thank you for reading 🤗 I’m going to go read yours lol!


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