I think what I am known for is my extreme passion for highlighting my cheekbones. My cheekbones are something I like to highlight. I don’t really know why because my cheekbones have no real need to be shiny, but I just enjoy that highlighter makes me feel like a million bucks. My highlighter taste has definitely changed throughout my years of doing my own makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I still love an absolute discoball on my face, but I also love a nice subtle, is she really glowing, type of glow. I wanted to round up the 5 highlighters I have been using in my rotation. 

Bobbi Brown Highlighter in Pink Glow

Bobbi Brown Pink Glow Highlighter

This highlighter is a buildable highlighting powder, that looks like it blends right into your skin. The description on Sephora’s website is: “Formulated with a clear base and highly-reflective pearl pigments, Highlighting Powder creates a flattering glow. Plus, the superfine, silky formula goes on smoothly and evenly and doesn’t settle into fine lines”. I find this is totally true. It gives a really nice glow to the skin without being chunky or glittery. 

Physicians formula butter highlighter

Physicians Formula Highlighter

I really like this highlighter for a subtle satin sheen. This is a cream-based highlighter that lasts all day. I enjoy that it is easy to apply and creates a beautiful sheen on the cheekbones. I really enjoy the scent. The website says; “Long-wearing, finely-pressed, cream-to-powder formula has a unique bouncy texture that melts into skin for the creamiest, most gorgeous highlighted finish”. This is such a creamy highlighter and it does literally melt into the skin. 

Nudestix Illuminaughty Highlighter

Nudestix Highlighter

I really enjoy this highlighter because it is a simple, glossy highlighter that really just makes your skin look like dewy goodness. The website describes this as: “NUDIES All Over Face Color Glow is a cream highlighter stick that effortlessly glides onto your skin to create a gorgeous natural glow. Perfect for creating a sun-kissed, no-makeup makeup look with some serious sheen, this creamy balm can be used in easy swipes to bring radiance to your cheeks, eyes and lips.These long-lasting highlighter sticks are conveniently dual ended, featuring a color block on one end and a soft blending brush on the other. Use your NUDIES GLOW cream highlighter to bring a radiant dew to your cheeks, eyes or lips that will last all day long”. I can confirm that these claims are all true of this highlighter. This lasts all day on my skin and is one of the few cream highlighters that I am almost finished with. 

Anastasia Amrezy highlighter. 

Amrezy Highlighter

This is a limited edition highlighter, which is sometimes re released but for the most part, is no longer available. This is a super glossy, popping highlighter. It is gold, but I find on the skin doesn’t translate to yellow on me, like other golden highlighters I have. I really enjoy this for a day highlighter or an evening gathering highlighter. 

Cheekbone beauty highlighting palette

Cheekbone beauty palette

This is such a beautiful, easy to use palette. I love how glossy it makes my skin look, without being metallic or glittery. I like that you have three options, the pink shade is beautiful for a hint of pink shimmer on the apples of your cheeks and the other two shades look beautiful mixed together or on their own. I highly recommend this palette if you want highlighters that are buildable and give you a subtle to high-shine glow. The website says: “Our ‘Stardust’ Highlighter trio is made with extremely high quality supercharged powders that can be used on every part of your face and body, for a glow that last all day into the night!  Add a glow to your cupid’s bow, eyes, cheeks, nose, collarbone and cleavage!”.

The swatches

Left to right: Bobbi Brown Pink Glow, Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter, Cheekbone beauty palette, Nudestix Illuminaughty, Physicians Formula Butter highlighter

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