As you may or may not know, I am a beauty no buy and ideally I’m trying to buy as little beauty products as I can until November when the V.I.B Sale. A part of this is because I am moving soon so I need to save money, and I have to buy adult things like a couch and a dining room table and a TV stand etc. so, makeup really shouldn’t be what I’m buying. I will confess – I did break my no buy on July 18, 2020 when I bought the new Maybelline Lifter lip gloss in Moon, along with dry shampoo and a new face SPF. However I am fully committed to getting back on track and I thought I could curate a sort of a wish list because you know me, I am never going to be a beauty minimalist and I’ve accepted it. 

The first are the Glossier lid stars in Cub and Slip. Do I need more liquid shadows nope, but do I want more, yes. I also have been wanting a new scent, and naturally was watching Estee Lalonde and she was using the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Perfume which just seems like my kind of scent which I think is always needed. I also wanted to try the Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Duo which seems like it would be a pretty one. 

I also want to get the Noni Glow Face Oil. Again influenced by Estee Lalonde. Can you tell I really just aspire to be her? I also wanted to try a few things from Odacite, a brand the Gloss Angeles girls always talk about. I want to try the Face wash and the pimple serum. Next is a brand that has been on my radar for a while and that is the Krave Beauty Oat Moisturizer. 

Another skincare item I am really curious about is the FitGlow Cloud Ceramide foam cleanser which was inspired by the birdspapaya.  This sounds like such a lovely cleanser, the word cloud and ceramide just really reeled me in.

What is on your beauty wish list?

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