I have seen a few creators doing these mid year favourites, mostly Michele Wang and a few others in the beauty space. I wanted to put together one of my own and let you know some absolute favourites that I have found in the beauty space. Now, I want to note that some of these products are from brands that are problematic or have problematic parent companies or have taken significant steps back in terms of shades (looking at you Kosas) but who am I to dictate what to buy, I just want to acknowledge that in using some of these products I know the problematic ness behind the brand. 

Base products: I have been loving the Glossier Skin Tint. This is just the perfect filter for your face. I find that since I don’t have spotty skin, this is something that I do use on the daily and it’s so easy to slap on. A drugstore foundation that was a recent discovery is the L’Oreal True Match foundation in C-1-2. This is actually beautiful mixed with the Glossier Skin Tint. It has a nice light to medium coverage and can be built up. I also have been enjoying the NARS Tinted Moisturizer when I want a hint more coverage than the Glossier Skin Tint. 

Quite honestly, for concealers, the one that I have been sort of secretly loving (because of how problematic Milk Makeup is) was the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer. However, my Fitglow concealer is a spot on dupe. As a brand, I would rather support Fitglow since its a small Canadian Brand versus Milk Makeup that for now, I need to keep an eye on Milk. I also know that FitGlow’s shade ranges are a sight for sore eyes but for me, I am supporting a Canadian brand which I can get behind. 

For bronzer, the three newest and most loved are the Fenty Cheeks out Cream Bronzer, the Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer and the Vesca Bronzers. Quite frankly, these are all similar in shade, but the Charlotte Tilbury one I just couldn’t resist because of it’s lovely smooth formula and how smooth it feels on the skin. The Vesca Bronzers smell like a beach and are a dream to apply. I love that they have 7 shades and on top of that, they are a great formula. 

For blushes, I have been loving creams. I love the Estee Lalonde Blush in Salty Siren from Nudestix, as well as the Glossier Cloud Paints. I really enjoy the ease of a cream blush and how quick they are to blend in. I also have a few powder blush faves, including the Kosas Blush Duo and the Patrick Ta Blush.

As for highlighters, my most favourite of the year is the Hourglass Ambient highlighting palette. Now, I don’t understand how this can only come in one shade, but again I am not the person to dictate what BlPOC should buy and want to buy. These highlighters are the epitome of glass skin. GLASS SKIN FOLKS. I could not believe how lovely these were on the cheekbones. I also have recently fallen in love with the Uoma Beauty Double Take Contour Stick. The highlighter is so dewy and lovely, and the contour is the perfect barely there contour. Also bonus, Black owned and comes in a butt ton of shades. Plus, this was originally on my list of brands to try in 2020

Lips. Okay people. I am a basic bish. I love lip gloss. I have been absolutely loving the Fitglow lip colour serum. These are the most perfect lip gloss, with just the right amount of opacity, and they really feel good on the lips because they have those ingredients made to moistruizer and treat you lips. These are supposed to plump your lips, but I find they don’t burn like other plumping glosses. As for lipsticks, my three discoveries have been the Kosas lipstick in Stardust, the Bobbi Brown lipstick in Geraldine, and the Cheekbone beauty sustain matte lipsticks. The Cheekbone beauty lipsticks are the most lovely matte formula. They almost go one like a stain and have such a lovely lasting power without drying out my lips. The Bobbi Brown Colour Crush lipstick is the perfect bold for the working woman. Just enough red and just enough mutedness (not a word) to be “wearable” for the daily. The Kosas is just a lovely, luxurious feeling lipstick that I cannot get enough of. 

For eyeshadow I have really been on like a good old single shadow kick. However, my most favourite palette that I have recently bought is the Naked Cherry. This kind of fills my Naked 3 void and I love how simple and wearable the pink shades are. Again, another recent find is the Glossier Lidstar in Fawn. I really like how sheer and easy these are to apply. These didn’t get the most rave reviews from several beauty creators but for me, this is the easier way to create a sort of contour to the eye without taking a bunch of time in the morning. 

What are some of your favourites?

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    • Thank you! And right?? It’s so good, such a nice glass like effect to the skinn


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