There is a well known fact on my blog lately, that I have strayed from affordable makeup that I used to love and use. I still love affordable makeup don’t get me wrong, but as someone who has been dabbling a bit more into the world of luxury and high end but drugstore is still one of my favourite parts of the beauty industry. I have gathered a few formulas that I truly believe are as good as high end formulas.

First, it is the base product of the moment. The NYX Bare With Me Skin Tint which is arguably better than the Glossier Skin Tint since it has a bit more coverage, and has a good range. This has a nice smooth application, is not streaky, and covers just enough but is so undetectable on the skin.

The eyeshadow palette I chose is the Wet ‘n’ Wild in Rose In the air. This is just as good of a formula as the Charlotte Tilbury shadows. They are just a smooth and as easy to blend as the Charlotte Tilbury and far less expensive. I would say if you like the feel of luxury (as I do) then you might want to go with Charlotte regardless. The next eyeshadow product is the L’Oreal Amber Rush eyeshadow. This is so similar to Hourglass scattered light shadows. It has that same mature shimmer that JamiePaige always talks about which I’m down with.

The next thing that I would say is is there are a few drugstore brands that I really enjoy in terms of formulas. NYX always has sophisticated formulas, including their sweet cheeks creamy blushes, and their “Away we glow” liquid highlighters. Both of these products are all of the Glowy goodness that you want in a product. The formula of the NYX Sweet Cheeks blushes are not the exact same as the hourglass blushes, but give the same vibe formula wise and are both nice and smooth. The next product is a liquid highlighter, that is smooth and does not dry too quickly which I think is perfect for a formula. The next product is something that I have seen everywhere. The Flower Beauty Blush bombs which yes, I’ve had before but I didn’t love the shade, so I ordered the nude shade Pinched. This is a lovely nude shade and feels very similar to the Glossier Cloud paints. These also have a few more shades and the formula is just as easy to work with.

The other cheek formula I do think is a lovely formula comparable to high end is the Physicians Formula Butter formula. Now, their shade range could be expanded, but these are such sophisticated formulas. They are soft, and blendable as well as super easy to use. The highlighters are sort of like the supershock highlighters from Colourpop which are a personal fave.

Do you agree with my picks?

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