I think we are all aware of the newest launch from Nudestix with their abysmal, nay embarrassing shade range. TWO deep shades? Are you serious. I was rooting for your Nudestix. I love your blushes and bronzers, and I loved your pencil concealer then you pull this crap after participating in pull up for change. Again, I understand that brands are corporations and their bottom line is the priority but it is upsetting to know that a brand I love, has created a range that is so exclusive. A brand that touts inclusiveness, has once again failed the Black community with only two darker options and it’s disappointing and frankly a little unnerving considering the demands of consumers.This prompted me to yet again, take a hard look at my collection and analyze the concealers I have. 

Tarte Cosmetics shape tape. This concealer comes in 30 shades. There appears to be a good gradient from light to dark in this range, but we also know Tarte has had their fair share of crappy shade ranges that cater to one skin tone. I think this concealer was a bit of a game changer in terms of the concealer world. It created an era of full coverage concealer and large triangles under the eyes, and remains 

ELF Hydrating concealer  has a good gradient from light to dark. 4 of each subcategory other than medium which seems to have 6. There are 25 shades. This is a full coverage concealer but has hydrating qualities. It is only $6 and you can find this at Shoppers, but unfortunately they don’t hold the full range in stores meaning you need to order this online. 

Juvia’s Place liquid concealer. This concealer has 24 shades and appears to have a good range from light to dark skin tones. This is a lovely concealer formula, but again is nothing groundbreaking. There was also a feud between the owner and the iconic Jackie Aina, so again this a brand I hesitate to continue to support the brand and further, it’s not accessible in Canada.  The Juvia’s shade stick is another one that I wanted to try, this one has 30 shades and multiple different uses according to the website. I really like this as an easy under eye concealer. The brand itself has mistreated the queen Jackie Aina and I don’t think I’ll repurchase simply due to the accessibility of this brand for Canadians.  

Shiseido minimalist stick concealer. This concealer has 15 shades but only two deep shades compared to the four medium shades. This is one of the worst ranges I own – there are two deep shades compared to 3-4 in the other categories. This is a nice concealer but the range is lacking in shades for anyone. 

Kosas Revealer Concealer comes in 16 shades. The range seemingly has 4 shades in each category (light, medium, deep, rich). Kosas is one of those brands as a whole that I shake my head at. I enjoy the brand as a whole and love the products, but they continue to release things and totally miss the mark. The concealer seemingly has a decent gradient in their shades and has four in each category for a range of skin tones. 

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer has 24 shades with a noticeable lack of deep options. This is one of those concealers that I like, but one that also comes from a brand that has done some shady stuff. I would not repurchase this but I will use it up. This has a medium to full coverage and is buildable. But again, this range caters to white people as does the brand as a whole. 

FitGlow beauty concealer  comes in 15 shades. The range seemingly has a good balance of fair and dark shades. This looks like it is a recent expansion and the shades do run deeper, but the foundation range is still abysmal. This is a nice alternative to the Milk Makeup flex concealer as I find they have a similar formula. 

Glossier Stretch concealer 12 shades – this is also a brand that has recently disappointing me with their toxic work culture for retail employees, and not addressing anything that outtathegloss as called for. They also did expand the shade range, and while it isn’t bad and is close to say, what Kosas has, this concealer is a nice formula and for my personal day to day life really makes sense in my collection. If you know of any dupes with a brand that has a large shade range let me know. I’m thinking the ritual de fille? Same amount of shades, a bit more of a respectable brand. 

I wanted to put together this post, following my post on ethical consumption, because there is not a perfect brand, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, but voting happens with your dollar. Are we really comfortable putting our dollar towards brands that continually fail Black People who are a large portion of beauty consumers on the market? The answer is I don’t know – because I’m not the one to speak on that, but I can continue to think my purchases through (yes I’m still working on it because I have another haul coming on the blog). 

Left to right: Tarte 22N Light neutral, ELF Light ivory, Juvia’s Place 23, Juvia’s place Aberdeen, Shisedo 102 Fair, Kosas Tone 02, Milk Makeup Buff, Glossier G11.

What are your thoughts on the Nudestix range?

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