The products I’ve loved in the past year has really changed. As I get older I am trying to be sure that I have products in my collection that I actually want to use, and (failing miserably) getting away from buying products I know I will declutter in the future. I wanted to curate a list of my no fail products that I have been using in my collection to create a daily look. 

Base products

I have been loving the Kosas Tinted Face Oil (though I think this is on its way to expiry) for a more fuller coverage though this is light coverage, is one of my hero products. This always works when I use it and never fails. The next product, though I am not purchasing from Glossier right at this moment, is the Glossier Skin Tint which has no coverage, but just enough for me on the daily. I also love the ELF Flawless concealer, this does not require setting and it creates a beautiful medium coverage concealer. 

Cheek products

As we know cheek products are where it’s at for me. I have an affinity to all cheek products including highlighters, blush and bronzer. As of right now, my favourite blush is the Mulan Blush from the Colourpop collection. It is a beige shimmery blush, and creates a nice sculptured cheek. The Body shop honey bronzing home is one of my longest standing highlighters in my collection. It has a beautiful beige undertone and is almost the same colour as my skin. 

For a bronzer, I have been using the Makeup Geek Bronzer sunkissed. This is a more neutral bronzer than I have in my collection. I find this is a great bronzer for my fair skin, because it is a bit less red than other bronzers in my collection. 

Eye shadow

We all know I have an affinity to eyeshadow palettes, but my curation of this list was based on what I used all the time. The palettes that I go to on the daily are the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage (discontinued) and the Charlotte Tilbury Quad in Mesmerizing Maroon. I enjoy using these quads in conjunction with each other. These two just make me feel like a lady when I wear them and they also tend to be the easiest shadows to use on the daily. 

You’ll notice I didn’t put a lipstick on here, because frankly I change that up literally daily. I go with a lip balm or a light nude lipstick or sometimes a bold one and it does not see the light of day.

What are your hero products?

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