Oh the Tarte Shape Tape. This was an iconic concealer many moons ago. Jamie Paige, Allana Davison, Samantha Ravendhal. All of these iconic YouTubers used this concealer. This for some reason was such a blogger favourite. I never got the chance to try this until this year and I can’t say I understand the hype. 

First let’s start with my current love – think Kosas Revealer Concealer and even the ELF hydrating concealer. These are two creamy concealers that I find are not drying under the eyes. 

The description on the site is: 

  • full coverage formula for 16 hrs of flawless wear
  • smooths & brightens to make eyes appear lifted
  • crease-proof formula won’t cake or settle
  • tape technology™ helps smooth & blur appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • applies easily with jumbo speed smoother

Ok two of these claims are true. This formula does have a really smooth application, but I find that colour ( and possibly it is the colour that I got) is far too yellow under the eye for me. Is this crease proof – I am not sure. I don’t think it creases as badly as the Too Faced Born this way Sculpting concealer. I am wearing the concealer in the photo below, and while it does look good in photos, I just find in real life it looks a bit off on my undereyes, almost a bit thicker.

The ELF Hydrating concealer is like the Tarte Shape tape but toned down, and more hydrating hence the name. Our Camo concealer just got better! Our new light-weight, full-coverage formula doesn’t flake and gives your skin a boost of hydration for a satin finish. Camouflage those pesky spots and under-eye circles with this high-coverage, hydrating and longwearing concealer. This concealer noticeably wears far better during the day and the shade match is far better than the Tarte. 

I threw the Kosas in the mix when comparing for review, because this is one of those “clean” concealers that I find has a really nice easy finish. The description is A medium coverage concealer, eye cream, and spot treatment in one that reveals better-looking skin, upon application and over time. This is so accurate. I love that I can blend this out easily with my fingers and it always ends up looking nice under the eyes. For reference I have the Kosas shade in 02. I have the ELF in light ivory and the Tarte in Light Neutral.

I don’t know if the reason I don’t like this is because my preferred makeup application is no longer with a sponge, but the shape tape is just not what I am into anymore. I think this is a really nice concealer for someone who does like a more full coverage concealer and while that was something I used to enjoy, this particular one I find does not work with my current makeup style. 

The texture of this concealer is lovely but again this does not live up to the type that I was brought up with back in 2016.  Will I keep this, or will I declutter. I am going to be decluttering this product. It is not that this is a bad concealer, but as someone who more and more is not a fuller coverage concealer gal, this is not serving a purpose in my collection. 

Objective rating: 4/5 stars. This is a good concealer. If you are a fan of a fuller coverage concealer I think this would be awesome for you. If you are more of a Kosas girl or a Glossier stretch (saying for comparison sake) this is not the concealer for you.

The swatches for comparison

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