I feel like I do these posts every year, and every year I don’t succeed. It’s no secret that I enjoy buying and trying makeup but it’s also no secret that because of this I have an incredibly obscene amount of shiny pretty things that don’t get their fair share of use. Over 2020, I’ve been watching a lot of Sarah Rose, and she does a really nice balance of content that is shopping her stash, project pans, and beauty inventory videos which I really enjoy consuming as much as I enjoy new product reviews and hauls. 

My plan as it is every year, but this year is to really try to stick to one to two new products a month, and then plan content around shopping my stash, project panning and overall be a bit more creative with my posts. I remember when I first graduated, I had no money at all, and that meant that I needed to be flexible and creative with whatever was in my stash. Now that I am gainfully employed, but also in a position where my life expenses have increased, and as a single lady I pay for it all, the beauty budget is less than it was before when I was living my best life at home with my adult job that gave me the means to fund my habit. Now, that my budget is a bit more stringent I ACTUALLY think I’ll be able to stick to these goals. 

Buying one two products a month

Ok, so this is gonna be a very difficult commitment for me because, and I think many frontline workers can understand this struggle, but a lot of us buy things as a coping mechanism. However, I am trying to shift that to hanging out with my best friends, working out, cleaning, writing more creative blog posts, planning for my future etc. instead of just hoping online and making bad money decisions. 

for SEO purposes
Paring down my collection as I go 

This is in direct conflict with the first one. However, I made an inventory of all of my makeup (Spoiler its a lot) and while I love my collection, and it is something that I do collect, it is a lot. I sometimes think about if I am moving or what have you, and how many boxes my makeup would take up. I guess it is like how someone would collect stamps or shoes or bags or books. However, as I get older and my makeup tastes change and I dabble into different things, I would like to work on a few areas of my collection or at least not add any to them. FRIENDS This is my blush, single shadows, lip products. I would like to go the year without buying any lip products and single shadows. I have the salt new york palette on my list this year, but so far nothing else that has to do with singles or lip products. 

Do an actual project pan…but not the traditional way

I find it difficult to focus solely on only a few products the entire year. I am going to attempt, key work being, attempting to use two products from each category for a month. For example, a cream and powder bronzer, a cream and powder blush, a few select palettes, a face palette, a cream and powder highlighter, a few lip products, two concealers, you get the picture. I think that it would be good to take a photo of the products at the beginning of the month and then at the end of the month to document any progress. 

the closest thing I hit to pan this year

I think it is fair to say I would like to use up at least 20 products in 2021. I feel like to an average person that is something that is easy but as a beauty enthusiast I think it’s going to be hard but it’s doable. I think a lot of this will be foundations, concealers, and hopefully some cream products in my collection.

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