I have been lusting after this palette since it came out. It took forever to come into stock on Sephora Canada. This is one of those palettes that I automatically knew I would love the formula of. This palette has such a cool variety of shades, and is the perfect fall to winter vibe in my humble opinion. 

Let’s start with the description from the website: “capture all the sexy fall feels with our too cute Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette baked with 18 scented warm and spicy shades that wrap you in the cozy, sexy warmth of the season. Rich, creamy colors in a variety of finishes make transitioning your look from daytime dreamy to nighttime sultry as easy as pie”. 

Ok let’s start with the beautiful colour story of this palette. There are some lovely unique (as unique as you can be with a neutral palette) in the tones. There are some mauve tones, some greens, oranges. I have heard that several people don’t believe this is a very fall palette. To the contrary, I believe this is the perfect fall palette. There are olive greens, purples, cranberries, and pinks.  I find this to be such a lovely, easy palette to form looks. 

Let’s start with the application. I love the way these shadows blend out, in comparison to the other palettes that I have, the mattes may look patchy in the swatches but in reality, they blend out so easily on the eyes that this palette has remained one of my go tos since I’ve got the palette. Bonus, this is also on sale at the moment across different sites. 

Reason I bought this: I bought this because I missed out last year on the gingerbread palette and I wanted to experience one of the holiday launches from Too Faced. I know they are problematic as a brand, but I do appreciate their formulas and I know that the chocolate bar palette was iconic and if it ever came back out, I would be on top of it. 

Would I recommend this: yes 100%.  This is such a nice palette for the neutral palette with those pops of colour that creates still wearable looks. 

Overall rating: 5/5 stars. This is one of those perfect palettes for me, not only is it pretty, but the range of colours is exactly what I want to have in my collection.

The Swatches

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