February was a fast month, a weird month and yet another month where my youth feels a bit wasted by this pandemic. Too dark perhaps? I’m kidding. I am doing well personally but the pandemic burn out is real and it is getting tiring living the same day over and over. This is not meant for sympathy, but I think we are all feeling it in terms of this pandemic. In any case I do have my favourites of the month, and makeup has been something that has at least been exciting and fun to use throughout the pandemic. 

Of my February stash I fell in love with Laura Mercier blush in Chai, that I got with my shoppers points last year amd really it fell into the abyss of my collection. I have used this blush pretty much every day in February and I love it. It is sheer and buildable, which I am feeling is the type of blush that I really like. This is a dirty rose shade, with a nice dense powder that will last me literally years (why do I own so many blushes I likely won’t finish) and it goes with any makeup look. Its not too orange on me and not too pink just the right shade. 

The next favourite was the Natasha Denona Diamond blush palette. This was something I got on sale at the sephora sale last year. I really love this. It really is just a glow in a palette. Everything layers nicely and the cream blush blends seamlessly into the skin. 

I want to say, I am on the fence with the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk instant eye palette. I found that sometimes the shadows were a bit patchy and not as punchy, but I really do like the matte shades and they match my skintone quite nicely. The other palette that I have had forever, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette Soft Glam. I know that this is an old palette but every look turns out nicely and there are lovely shimmers. I also fell back in love with the Colourpop Ritz super shock shadow. It is the perfect topper shade to any palette. It has a sheer beige with glitter. It might be too glitzy for some, but I find that this spices up any look that I have done. 

Two base products that I loved this month were the Cle Cosmetics CCC Cream and the Rare Beauty Concealer. Both of these products were lovely. The Cle Cosmetics ccc cream is one of those products that come out white, and then blend into your skin tone. This is perfect for light makeup days and was my easy go to daily. The Rare Beauty concealer is one of the best concealers that has medium coverage. This is my particular favourite for under my eyes. 

What were your favourites for the month?

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    • It is!! It’s the perfect wash of colour. And goes with everything lol


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