Oh look, its Chrisinda buying things she does not need. I went over my 2-3 products a month folks. Don’t at me, just enjoy pretty photos of makeup.

Vieve Beauty Essentials Palette

I honestly am not sure what possessed me to buy this palette. Was it seeing Jamie Paige use it? Was it just wanting to fill the void? I don’t know but needless to say, I bought the Jamie Genevie essentials palette, who is an influence that I watch on and off. I bought this palette because it is warm toned but not too warm, and I was really drawn to the yellow. Review to come. 

Auric Glow Lust and Smoke Reflect

Auric beauty, this is getting its own review because I have oh so much to say. The glow lust is such a lovely product, but it is something that I will be reviewing later this month. The smoke reflect in tempera is such a beautiful rose gold shade and it isn’t too rose gold. I love it so far.

Burt’s Bees Cream Shadow

I was drawn to this only because I have traditionally enjoyed Burt’s Bees makeup. This shadow reminds me of the Maybelline bad to the bronze tattoo which was a favourite for me for quite a few years. This serves the same purpose and is the perfect bronze shade for my skin tone. 

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation

Again, I am not sure what possessed me to buy this but I was really drawn to the shade range, that actually was not terrible. I really like this … and will be reviewing it. I forgot take a separate photo of it.

Physicians Formula bronzer and Butter palette

Dammit Jessica Braun. Your excitement over this product made me want to buy it (and the palette because I couldn’t resist). This is the new bronzer formula, and I feel a bit bad buying this because the shade range is absolute crap. Again, living in hypocrisy. Alas, I have it now and I do love the formula so far. The palette is actually quite nice so far. It’s very smooth and buttery, and easy to use and create a very fast flawless look.

Lorac Mini Palette in Shimmering

Again, why so many palettes this month? I saw this on the shoppers website and wanted to get free shipping so I added it to my cart. This is so cute and simple to use (which I am feeling is a theme). I will review this one too!

Did you buy anything in February?

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