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Auric cosmetics is Canadian Influencer Samantha Ravendhal’s brand. However, it has found itself in a bit of hot water in the twittersphere in terms of customs, shipping times, and the whole elephant in the room: the Canadians who wanted to support but cannot. Right off the bat, Samantha Ravendhal did explain why she used US warehouses and pricing because of the costs to her business, which is understandable. Her thread made sense, and I chose to support the brand because I like Sam. I know she tried to make it accessible to Canadian’s as much as she could, but we cannot deny how inaccessible this product will be to the larger public. Samantha’s video outlined that she is no stranger to high end and luxury makeup, so to me it was not shocking that she came out with a pricer brand. 

Where I get a bit uncomfortable, is the fact that I have a very hard time recommending this brand to people who don’t want to pay US dollars or customs. This was 99.42 USD and turned out to be around 137 CAD. Ok I would spend this at Sephora so this entire price is not shocking to me personally, but to the consumers that I have as my audience I don’t know if I can wholeheartedly recommend both products solely because of the Canadian shopping experience. 

The product

The Glow Lust liquid luminizer has a thicker texture than all of my liquid luminizer type products. I find that in comparison to the Jlo Complexion glow it is thicker and has a skin tone, where as the charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless filter has a similar vibe, but is less thick and the quo beauty primer is really a run of the mill glowy primer versus the glow lust that has several different uses. This, as much as it pains me to say, does mix really nicely with foundations, is a really good non glittery highlighter. I find the glow this gives is so sophisticated in that it is not metallic and is not a strip of gold. 

Hourglass, Colourpop, Auric
Glowlust in morganite, Charlotte Tilbury, Quo beauty

The smoke reflect shadow is a dual shadow, with a glitter topper and a cream shadow underneath. This is definitely something that you could get the same vibe from, from a Colourpop Supershock shadow, or the Hourglass scattered light shadow, or the Tom Ford dual shadows (I don’t have one) or really any more tightly packed glitter shadow in a palette. This is a convenient way to have a one and done shadow but is it worth the price, i don’t know. The other products that I compared to this is the Hourglass scattered light shadow and the Colourpop super shock shadows. Both do not have a similar texture to the cream shadow but do have a similar vibe to the topper in the auric cosmetic smoke reflect. 

Without a doubt, these products are beautiful. The formula, the packaging the, everything is spot on with these products and Sam did a great job with the entire branding, marketing, and formulations.

Customs and shipping 

I did not pay any customs on this order, but some of my blogger friends did and my other blogger friends from Canada didn’t. I ordered this product on January 28th and it didn’t come until February 18th, which I understand is covid time and it is difficult to get things out and shipped. However, I ordered my Vieve Beauty palette on Feb 14 and it came about a week later and a half later from the UK. I think the biggest disappointment from this entire collection is that as a Canadian I am a bit sad these are in US prices, and that Samantha is a Canadian influencer and that everything is in US dollars. Of course, I support Sam because I like her, but I found myself really questioning how I can recommend this product to my followers, when it will run you quite a bit of money including the exchange rate. Then again, I do think that if I was to spend the same amount in equivalent to a Sephora order. 

My overall rating: 4/5 stars. This is because I do love the product, brand ethos etc. However, I think because of the price and the duties, it looses a point for me purely because of that. 

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    • It’s a pretty new brand, hoping it becomes more accessible soon. Awe thank you for the follow and for reading 😊


    • Thank you for reading 😊 and for sure there are so many alternative you can find in Canada and no pay and arm and a leg

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