Lol. My less consumption this year has quickly taken a turn. Peep me running from other coping mechanisms and buying shiny things for what I like to call science. I was off last week, and naturally the only thing open is Walmart. I was pursuing the makeup section for the thrill, and I found some newer drugstore products that my beauty blogger brain could not resist. I got some new eye stuff, some face products and some oldies that are new to me. 

Let’s start with the most exciting product I bought, which are the wet n wild new shadows. The old style walking on eggshells palette is now in the form of a 5 pan palette. These retail for 4.97. Wet n wild has consistently been one of the only brands that has stayed at what I think drugstore makeup products should be. They know how to create quality products, and keep up with trends in terms of packaging and formula. I got camouflaunt and Walking on Egg shells which was an OG quad that I had back in the humble beginnings of my blog. 

For face products, I bought the ELF Bronzer in Forever Sunkissed. This is a really nice more neutral bronzer that is a really great affordable bronzer. (I’m working on a best drugstore bronzers post). This is such a smooth almost wet formula in the pan and I’m here for it. I also saw this beautiful Rimmel highlighter in Stardust that felt like it could be a Becca Champagne pop dupe. As for a new colourpop product, the Colourpop Serum Blushes are FABULOUS. I know that there are some of my favourite influencers who don’t love this product, but I love how sheer it is. I may have ordered more shades … 

In terms of base products, I saw Jessica Braun use the new Wet n Wild Incognito concealer. This is so far a nice concealer, the shade is a bit too light for me but all in all is a decent concealer in terms of coverage, I am still testing it out. I also bought the Milani Skin Tint. This is DEWY. More dewy than I anticipated it would be, and does require quite a bit of powder to keep it in check. I also picked up the makeup revolution fast base concealer which so far is a lighter coverage and I am still testing it out.

Have you bought anything new lately?

2 Comments on “New in Drugstore Makeup

  1. I feel you with the -not – less consumption this year…
    I wanted to do a no buy year and have bought 30 products until today. I am on a skincare trip, because I already have too much make up. But nonetheless: 30 skin care products are a lot for a minimalistic skin care gal as me…

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    • Haha I feel this in my soul!!! Love that for you. Any faves??


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