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February Shop My Stash

Yay! I’m so proud. Only a few days late to the game for this blog post. I have curated a new makeup stash for the month of February. Definitely there is a pink theme happening here and I am pretty pumped to use a lot of these products.  First: the repeat offenders. My Glossier concealer, skin tint, and Kiehl’s primer as well as some … Read More February Shop My Stash


January Favourites 2021

January 2021. I cannot believe that we are one month into the year. Still single. Still somewhat thriving. Still trying not to buy makeup to fill the void and trying to save money so i’m trying to implement less impulse shopping. This month I am actually really proud that I used everything that was in my shop my stash and did not stray. Of … Read More January Favourites 2021


Glossier Dupes and Alternatives

As we all know, Glossier is in hot water with its treatment of employees. I wanted to curate a little dupes and alternatives post for you in order to fully encapsulate the best dupes I could find for you.  The Glossier lid star. This is a more sheer liquid shadow that creates a nice worn look on the lid. There are actually not too … Read More Glossier Dupes and Alternatives


Products in my stash this month

I tried this last year, and it clearly did not become the series I wanted it to be on this blog rather I posted a photo on Instagram and never did an accompanying blog post so it appears. When the pandemic hit, similar to other folks I know in my life, I bought a lot of shit that I did not need, as did … Read More Products in my stash this month


Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Review

I have been lusting after this palette since it came out. It took forever to come into stock on Sephora Canada. This is one of those palettes that I automatically knew I would love the formula of. This palette has such a cool variety of shades, and is the perfect fall to winter vibe in my humble opinion.  Let’s start with the description from … Read More Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Review

Beauty goals for 2021

I feel like I do these posts every year, and every year I don’t succeed. It’s no secret that I enjoy buying and trying makeup but it’s also no secret that because of this I have an incredibly obscene amount of shiny pretty things that don’t get their fair share of use. Over 2020, I’ve been watching a lot of Sarah Rose, and she … Read More Beauty goals for 2021


A Comprehensive Review of Colourpop Palettes

I wanted to do a review on two palettes that I have been playing with and trying out in my collection. I bought two Colourpop palettes a few months ago, the Whatever Palette and the Mulan Palette. Both of these palettes were appealing for the fall, and also appealing because I have surprisingly never tried their pressed shadow formula. Spoiler alert: I’m meh on … Read More A Comprehensive Review of Colourpop Palettes


Smashbox Cali Contour Review

Smashbox as a brand, is one that for me flies a bit under the radar. They do have a decent foundation range, with room for more shades on the deeper end of the spectrum (this is in specific reference to their hydrating foundation because it is the only one that I own) but is better than say a Westman Atieir shade range. The brand … Read More Smashbox Cali Contour Review


Tarte Shape Tape Review

Oh the Tarte Shape Tape. This was an iconic concealer many moons ago. Jamie Paige, Allana Davison, Samantha Ravendhal. All of these iconic YouTubers used this concealer. This for some reason was such a blogger favourite. I never got the chance to try this until this year and I can’t say I understand the hype.  First let’s start with my current love – think … Read More Tarte Shape Tape Review


Favourite Nude Lipsticks

I was going through my old blog posts and trying to see what I could revive or update in terms of a blog post. I found my old, favourite nude lipstick blog post and realized that I don’t have any of those left anymore in my collection and felt the need to create a new post for 2020.  Fenty Glazed. This is one of … Read More Favourite Nude Lipsticks


Sephora Holiday Sale Recommendations and what’s in my cart

This format is totally inspired by Amanda GlowGetter, one of my favourite blogs and internet friends. Her Sephora Sale Recommendations post was such a cool way to showcase products that she loves so it inspired me to write one. I wanted to note, that I have not been practicing what I preach in terms of brands that I support. My order really reflected that … Read More Sephora Holiday Sale Recommendations and what’s in my cart


Hero Products in My Collection

The products I’ve loved in the past year has really changed. As I get older I am trying to be sure that I have products in my collection that I actually want to use, and (failing miserably) getting away from buying products I know I will declutter in the future. I wanted to curate a list of my no fail products that I have … Read More Hero Products in My Collection

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