What My Travel Makeup Bag Should Have Been

Okay, so here’s the thing. I like makeup (clearly) and I tend to slightly over pack when I’m going literally anywhere. This occurred when I went to the UK with my dad and I may have brought a bit too much makeup. What I didn’t consider, was that there would be one bathroom, so basically I was always getting ready second and because I was on vacation I didn’t  want to take a long time getting ready because I wanted to be out exploring.

from left to right clockwise: FAB Tinted moistuirzer, The body shop mint mattifying setting spray, Colourpop Lunch Money, Soap and Glory Wonderbronze, Hourglass ambient Lighting Edit, Becca Champagne pop, Joe Fresh Lip balm, Revlon Youth FX concealer

So my original makeup bag was very…maximal if you will and I’m here to tell you I used none of it. So what did I use you may be asking? I wore the First Aid Beauty tinted moisturizer every single day. I found this to be the right amount of dew and the right amount of tint for the hot weather. I also used a concealer, the Revlon one pretty much and didn’t really set anything unless I really needed to which I used my Hourglass palette for. 

Becca Champagne Pop

Colourpop Lunch Money

When I bought the Soap and Glory wonderbronze bronzer on our first day we were exploring Oxford street I used it every day because it gave a wonderful glow to my already existing tan. As for a highlight I did alternate between two, my Colourpop and Becca champagne pop. As for blush I didn’t tend to use any accept the two from my Hourglass ambient lighting palette. For lips, I wore the Joe Fresh Mango lip balm.

Joe Fresh Mango Lip balm

It was also hotter than I was anticipating so I found that these products actually worked quite well in the heat. I used my Body Shop Matte setting spray which actually really held everything together, but I’m not sure how much I actually enjoy this because it does kind of irritate my skin upon application.

I am so guilty of over packing makeup now a days, I just like having so many options but in reality when your on vacation it’s likely you won’t be wearing much makeup! I think my thing was that I was gonna be super stylish like all the London gals but alas it was just too hot to wear a lot of makeup!   

What category or item do you always over pack?

Things I liked and Did in July

Wait? It is already August? How did this happen? It’s bonkers! I did some fun stuff in July and discovered a few products, a few old favourites were brought back to the fore front and of course I went on an amazing trip with my dad to the UK!

My first thing that I did was go to the UK with my dad. We went to London and Aberdeen. It was amazing! Of course we had the four hottest days in London but nonetheless it was beautiful. We took the tube like true londoners and explored Oxford Street, saw the Tower of London, took a boat tour to Greenwich and just a lot of walking around and seeing the sites. We also went to Aberdeen which is BEAUTIFUL a hidden gem of Scotland (maybe not so hidden but its great). We did a boat tour, saw dolphins, saw the university which was amazing, unfortunately we didn’t know this but we were there on a holiday so the library wasn’t open! Then we experienced the pubs that are randomly in old churches and castles. We also visited Stirling castle which was beautiful. The stone was beautifully crafted and everything was super short so perfect for me.I wish we had more time to explore both places but alas we will go back eventually!






Okay now for the makeup. First a cheek product. Becca Champagne pop. Ya’ll, why did I not ever have this before? Maybe because the bulk of my highlighter collection is drugstore I just never forayed into the high end world of highlighters and I think I may be converted. It is a beautiful champagne colour that isn’t too dark for my skin (right now since I have tan from England, who knew) so I’m interested to see how it looks on my skin in the winter, maybe all the more reason to get the lighter shade moonstone? 




I wanted to give a shout out to the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and the Maybelline Rooftop bronzes city mini palette. I have been reaching for these two when I’m going for a bolder look and have been loving a specific combination of shadows. The matte shade in the sweet peach Puree all over the lid, then with the shade Luscious tapped on top. Then, to make it even more glittery and grand, I have been dabbing the Maybelline Rooftop bronzes the fourth shade from the left at the top and scattered in the middle. It creates a beautiful and bronzy which is my favourite kind of look.



I have also been loving my lavender scented things. I bought the Bite Agave Lip mask in Lavender and also have been loving using my Lavender essential oil from Therawell. Yes, to many lavender is an old lady scent but I just can’t get enough of it. The lip mask is pretty good so far, I wear it at night or when I exercise or go running and it’s really been helping my lips feel soft and hydrated. I also love wearing the essential oil either as a perfume or before bed because it’s just such a relaxing scent

What did you enjoy this month?!


Skincare items

Blune Day 25: Travel Skincare

For today’s post I want to do a what’s in my skincare bag for travelling as well as a few other less glamorous items that I like to bring with my skincare stuff because it fits into the bag.

First, face cleaning mechanisms. So I am bringing quite a few bits of skincare with me. I found this adorable mini Garnier micellar water and am bring two reusable cotton rounds for that. As well as I am bringing this little Soy Fresh Face cleanser which I got in a Christmas set from my mom, and I have used this once before and remember it being very gentle. I know its a bit of a gamble to not bring my regular cleanser but I still haven’t found one I love so I thought I would dabble in this and use it abroad. I am also bringing the rest of my decanted Burt’s Bees Willow Bark face exfoliator.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Garnier Micellar water, Mini Caudalie Brightening essence, Caudalie Vinosource moisturizer

Skincare items

Hydration: I brought quite a few moisturizing products with me. I decanted my Garnier 3 in 1 rose water moisturizer because it is extremely hydrating and  airplanes can do a number on your skin. I’m also bringing this cute Caudalie Vinosource moisturizing sorbet that I got as a point perk. I also have the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate which I have used a few times before and really liked. I’m mostly bringing it because its travel size and can also act as a primer. Then as my essence/serum I have the cutest mini of the Caudalie Brightening Essence  which I got as a point perk and its so cute and mini. I’m excited to have got this because I wasn’t planning on bringing my large one since its glass and I didn’t want it to break.

Hand sanitizer, Fresh Face Cleanser, Embryolisse

decanted garnier 3 in 1 moisturizer

I am also bringing a body wash, but its a bar soap so I didn’t photo that one. Then I’m bringing my decanted Live Clean Daily Care Shampoo.

This isn’t really skincare but since I’m bringing this on my carry on, but I have the essential medicines. Gravol, Benadryl, Imodium, and Oval. Yes not the most glamourous carry on items but you just never know when your going to be in a pickle when it comes to travel.

Bringing hydration is key when on an airplane because for some reason they really suck the moisture out of your skin.

What is your go to travel/carry on skincare?

Blune Day 24: Travel clothing

Next week I’m going to the homeland and the other London. I have never been to the either place so I’m excited to experience the culture, the food and the beautiful scenery. I thought since I recently did my travel makeup bag, this would be a fun a little series for travelling. London is a notoriously fashionable place so I want to somewhat fit in with the people.

I am taking a few pairs of jeans and a few pairs of pants. One black pair of pants and one green, and then two pairs of jeans, a mom style and a the black Jamie Skinny jeans. These go perfectly with the blouses I’m bringing including a polka dot one, a floral one and a basic white t shirt.

I am also bringing my Blundstones for Aberdeen since its a bit cooler there and of course my pink Vans for the day to day. I also need to get a pair of black plain slip on shoes so alas I shall attain some before I leave. I wanted to throw in a pair of fancyish shoes just in case we somehow go somewhere for dinner that may require such shoes.

Packing for the United Kingdom.png
A lot of my style inspiration comes from Estee Lalonde who is a Canadian living in London, which basically means I want to be her and I stalked her instagram for a bit of inspiration. I love the idea of a basic look then I use my makeup as an accessory – mostly a poppin highlight. I think that these outfits are both comfortable for touring but (hopefully) fashionable. I also of course am brining a rain jacket because it gets quite rainy in London and Aberdeen so I thought it best to bring one. I also threw in a cardigan just in case I wanted one.

What are you go to travel pieces of clothing? Stay tuned for a carry on travel post!