Blune Day 5: Anastasia Powder Bronzer Review

This bronzer was on my radar since its release. I was on the fence because I haven’t heard many reviews, and the I haven’t heard the best reviews from creators that I trust. But when my brother got me a Sephora gift card for my birthday I thought this might be the perfect time to try it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer packaging

I got the shade Tawny, which Anastasia recommends for people with cool or neutral undertones according to the Sephora website, which is me to tea. I got this in store and am proud I actually picked out the recommended shade. However, most of the shades in the range feel quite similar and are a bit red leaning.

The formula is finely milled, as is one of its claims, and it is very smooth. I love it as an eyeshadow so much, it is my current go to for a crease shade. As for an actual bronzer, yes it’s great, but this is not the bronzer for you if you are a first time bronzer wearer. It is quite pigmented which I haven’t decided if I like in a bronzer yet or not in general.

Anastasia review open

Cost. This bronzer retails for $36.00 CAD which is actually a really a great price for a high end bronzer. That is one of the things I love about Anastasia Beverly Hills, she keeps her prices reasonable for great product. Since this bronzer pigmented it will last you forever, unless you bathe in it which I’m not opposed to but either way you get a lot for you money. Because I love Anastasia and supporting female owned brands, this gets at 4/5 for me if we are doing a scale rating. I didn’t dislike it enough to return but I also didn’t love it enough to consider it, dare I say this term, a ride or die in my collection. For eyeshadow however, I love love love this on the lids. Bottom line, yes I recommend this, but only if you really understand and know your bronzer game.

Have you tried any new products lately?


Blune Day 4: My Summer Essentials

Summer essentials! Okay so it’s not officially summer yet, but to me it is close enough to run you through some of my favourite items for summer!

First, what you are likely all here for (okay maybe not but I’d like to think so) the makeup. I am a big lover of cream products for the summer. I have a few to share with you. Both from brands you can only get in Canada, which kind of makes my heart warm because I love supporting fellow Canadian brands. The Annabelle cream highlighter in champagne, if you can you should buy this immediately. It is a beautiful, sheen on the skin, not glittery, not sticky, just the perfect glow to add to the cheekbones. Again, another cream face product, the Joe Fresh cream blush in peach glow. Can you sense a trend here? I love glow. This is a beautiful glowy blush that you will love if you love glow. The final cheek product is a peachy blush. I don’t know, but I wear peach blush essentially year round, but in the summer there is something about an easy peach blush to wear on the cheeks and eyes.

Joe Fresh Peach Glow and Annabelle Light Champagne

Elf beautifully bare concealer


A lightweight concealer. It has been super hot, like 38 degrees celsius, and basically everything just melts off. The ELF beautifully bare concealer is a lightweight concealer that blends beautifully under the eyes. It does have a bit of waxy texture, but after you have warmed it up that goes away and it has a weightless feeling (as the name might suggest). However the shade range is a sight for sore eyes. I would recommend the Nudestix one as a good alternative just at a more expensive price point. Keeping it with the eyes, cream eyeshadow. Again, this is probably the upteenth time I have talked about these, but the fricken Colourpop Supershock shadows are my favourite. They come in a variety of shades, are super creamy but dry to a soft powder finish and are crease proof.

colourpop twitterpated

colourpop blotted lips

Lips, one of my favourite makeup items. Lip anything really, lip balms, lip gloss, lip creams you name it I probably enjoy it. The Colourpop Blotted lipstick quickly became a favourite after I tried them for the first time. They don’t come in a lot shades in the traditional form, but they do have them in a liquid form as well if you want more shade options. They are matte but I don’t find them drying and perfect for summer. I love the brightness of them but also they sheerness which is a bonus if you are going for that barely there look.


Tie waist pants. These are my favourite types of pants to wear in the summer. They are stylish and easy to pair with pretty much any top. They make for a mobile work pant (looking at you skirt mobility) and can be found at a variety of price ranges. Again, I know it’s summer, but I do love me a good mom jean with a camisole. The Topshop raw hem high waisted jeans are my favourite jeans, I also love the American Eagle Vintage high rise, which is not longer a fit but they have many similar ones. I recommend these if you want a bit more stretchiness in your jean life. They hug you in all the right places and are perfect for a casual Friday at work or a night outing with your friends.

What are your favourite things to have for the summer?

Blune Day 3: Non Toxic Cleaning Swaps

Because of my allergies and asthma, I have switched my cleaning to toxic free! It is an odd thing for me to be blogging about but it is just something that has improved my life so much. I don’t get a runny nose now when I clean my dishes or wipe off the bathroom sink or when I clean my bedroom floor!

I wanted to give a few non toxic cleaning swaps that anyone can do at home. I have compiled a small list of things I have changed that have greatly improved my allergies and asthma.

vinegar-spray-First, a good old vinegar, water and essential oil cleaning mix. I find all my recipes on Pinterest. The thing you need to know: do not mix castile soap with vinegar it will be an oily mess. My favourite combination is a vinegar, distilled water (I usually use what is left over from the kettle) and tea tree essential oil, or lavender essential, sometimes I also use a bit of peppermint or lemon essential oil. I even have this cute little pink spray bottle for my concoctions.


Laundry detergent, my personal favourite  Nellie’s natural laundry detergent.  It has about three ingredients and keeps your clothes clean and fresh. It is probably one of my most favourite things to use. I usually do laundry sparingly because of the cost in my apartment, but when I move home I shall start using this more.


Dish soap. I was using the castile soap from Dr. Bronners but this was too oily for me, it is really liquidy so you can use a lot in one sitting. I have switched to just buying stuff from Marshalls in their little natural cleaning section which I am happy with despite the price tag that is a bit higher than you conventional soap.

Lysol wipes. So I don’t do this often but I do tend to make my own “lysol wipes” using old shirts, and a rubbing alcohol, essential oil mixture. Mostly though I just put a dab of castile soap on a rag and go to town.

Green Beaver Castile soap

Which brings me to castile soap (how many times can I mention this is one post). I have personally been enjoying the green beaver castile soap, they sell it on and at Marshalls and Winners. I tend to buy it there but it lasts forever and is a great way to get things sparkling clean. If you want your bathtub to be spotless my favourite thing to do is put a bunch of baking soda then wipe it down with a rag saturated in castile soap or spray it with your vinegar spray and let it make a paste then wipe it clean. 

What are you favourite ways to clean?

Blune Day 2: My Favourite Palettes

I have been toying with doing this post for awhile but really wanted to get my favourites concrete. I have a obscene amount of eyeshadow palettes because, well I love palettes. They just draw you in like chipotle on a Thursday night. I thought I would share with you my favourite palettes from past to present and why they are my faves.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam eyeshadow palette. A newbie to my collection. This palette is a wonderful neutral palette with pops of warm tones and is the most satisfying of my palettes to hold. If the Modern Renaissance and Subculture are daunting, to you this would be a really good palette to have. It has this beautiful rose gold shade that spoke to me and so did the bronze one right beside it  (can you tell I love sparkly things). Also, its a woman owned business so that is always a bonus in my book.

Anastasia Soft Glam

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. Ah the third Naked palette to add to my collection (I had the Naked 2 for a longggg time, but it reached the end of its life after 4 years of having it in my collection, hit pan on many shades and using it constantly, still has a special place in my heart). I love this palette. So funny story, for some reason I was really resisting this palette, and because I wanted these warm rusty tones, I used my shoppers points for a PUR palette (which I love and use as it has cool toned shades and warm toned which are glorious), but this palette was still in mind. Alas, when I was done writing my law exam in December, I bought this bish. It is beautiful, I love the warm brown tones, the purples, basically the whole thing. Is it bad that the Naked Petite Heat and original Naked palette are both on my wish list?



Too Faced Sweet Peach. Another classic. I love this! I haven’t been using as much as of late, mostly because I have been waking up late and just throwing on a super light shade from my 100% Pure Naked 2 palette, but this one is so beautiful. It has beautiful warm browns and shimmery bronzes, not to mention the amazing formulations of the peach shades, which I think (not that I’m a scientist) are hard to perfect. I love the scent too (which also scares me because how to they make it smell so good? What if your allergic to peaches?) . Probably not the cleanest of ingredients but it’s a favourite.


Too Faced Sweet Peach

The Urban Decay Naked 3 – a controversial choice but it is one of my favourite palettes. I find it is super subtle and easy to use. I like the formula, granted not as great as the Naked Heat formula, but it’s a great beginner palette and fun fact: I have worn this palette each time I have went to a job interview and got the job. You could say it’s my good luck palette. I love how subtle it is so that when I am at say, a new workplace, a conference, a meeting, I wear this because it makes me feel good. I always follow Elanna Pecherle  “I feel pretty” tutorial because she makes such a nice taupe, subtle (how many times can I say this word) look with this.

What are your favourite palettes?

Blune day 1: Project Pan Roulette Update 1

Ya’ll, I have been failing hardcore at this project pan. I don’t know why, but I just have been so bad about reaching for these products. I thought I would give you a wee update about how this has been going. The project ends on Jul 9 and to be quite frank, most of these products I think have reached their expiry date so alas this project has been a bit sad with the progress.


annabelleSo what has been going well? The Annabelle chrome shadow and the Annabelle lip lacquer, I have been seeing progress in both of these. The eye chrome is such an easy one and done shadow for the day time. The lip lacquer looks great over top of every lip colour I pair it with.


What has been going not so well. The first product was one that was given to you as gift. this was the balm Mary Loumanizer. Oh friends, I do love this highlighter, it’s poppin’ but I think it’s gone bad? It smells like chlorine…and I can see the rings are poking through but folks I think after this project I might have to put this in the bin?

The Wet n Wild comfort zone from the category a project you wouldn’t repurchase. Ya’ll this has been repackaged and reformulated. I bought this because of YouTube when I began my makeup journey….it is a beautiful palette. The shadows are soft and good quality, for their price. However, I find myself gravitating towards other shadows that allow me to have an entire look out of a palette.  Again, after this project I quite honestly may get rid of it.


The sword mascara, aka the Physicians formula sportswear mascara for the category of a product you don’t like. I actually think this is running out because I can barely get it on my lashes. It still pokes my eyes, and since I have discovered the Burt’s Bees mascara, I just don’t like to reach for any other mascaras. Again, I have had this for an extremely long amount of time, so I think I might have to trash this, mostly for hygienic reasons but it also doesn’t perform the best.


Ah Milani Luminoso, for the category of a product in a previous project. Again, I think this is reaching the end of its life. I notice when I use this I tend to get a lot of texture on my cheeks which is unfortunate because I am not sure if its the blush, but when not using it my texture is not there or is lessened in some way. I think that I will continue to use this but alas since I am moving I might just purge this one before I move. 

What have you been getting use out of?

Things I liked and Did in May

May was such an interesting month. I turned 23, I got my degree awarded and I saw my wee Buttons this month. I discovered a few things makeup wise, got to see my bestie, and visit home.



This month I have been loving podcasts, Full Coverage and Breaking Beauty are two of my personal favourites. Full Coverage is two British gals living in LA. Lindsey Kelk and Harriet Hadfield, they are hilarious and always have so many new products to discuss and also discuss real issues in beauty and consumerism! Breaking Beauty is two Canadian women who talk product and also talk with founders about how their companies came to be. Its inspiring and a great podcast for beauty lovers! 

I wanted to throw in a YouTuber favourite, Melissa Alatorre. She is an amazing makeup artist and I could watch her blend out an eyeshadow all day. It is so evident that she is passionate about her craft and I love that she really knows what she is doing. I have gained so many makeup tips from her that I do everyday.


Ah, the Anastasia soft glam palette. Why is this so good? Dear me, I cannot get over the quality of these shadows. They are blendable, pigmented, beautifully and aesthetically pleasing to look at and perform. I never did get the Modern Renaissance (it is still on my palette wish list…cause that’s normal we all have one right) but when this one came out I knew it was right up my street. This is a great everyday palette, but you can do bolder looks and the shadows last all day. Big win!


Colourpop supershock shadows. I have been enjoying these a lot, I’m doing an experiment currently so haven’t been dabbling as of late but at the beginning of the month these were my shiz.  Every time I wear them, particularly the shade Kathleenlights I get compliments. They have minimal creasage and are beautiful specimens of what drugstore priced makeup can be. You can’t find anything (in my opinion) comparable in any other affordable brand.


Introducing Blune. I am so excited to introduce this fun challenge. If you aren’t (which how can you not know who she is) follow Estee Lalonde on her blog and YouTube you should!  She used to do Vlune back in the day on her vlog channel where she vlogged daily! I thought gee I should give myself a challenge to do that with blogging, hence the name Blune. I am only doing 27 days of content accounting for weekends and days I might be missing as well as not just posting content for the sake of content. I am so excited to do this and I think you will enjoy what I have planned!

Nudestix Tinted Blur stick review

I usually don’t do focused reviews on one item, but I stumbled across this when I was in Sephora earlier in the month. I had been seeing these on Nudestix Instagram and before the release date, I spotted them! I decided I’d pick one up. Mostly because it is summer, it’s hot, and it has a stain matte finish which is perfect for summer.

First, this is not a foundation. On the Sephora website it is described as a tinted stick that contains minerals that reflect lights and even out skin tone creating a “soft-matte glow that’s never flat or blah”. It is described as a multitasker that you can use for a variety of things including “tinted coverage, a blurring primer, a blotting cream, a highlight or contour”. It’s also paraben, sulfate and phthalate free, is vegan, oil free, gluten free and cruelty free.

I am not sure where I stand on this quite yet. I bought this at the end of April and I really like that it is a super light, barely there tint. However, I have been having a few skin issues so it hasn’t been the best thing for that of course, but it doesn’t claim to be full coverage AT ALL, so that is perfectly fine with me.

The formula is beautiful. It is a smooth, blendable texture that you can throw on and go. I don’t normally spend time contouring in the morning as I am usually looking to do my makeup relatively quickly.


Nudestix is also a female owned, Canadian cruelty free brand that I love and I was happy to buy a new launch. The price isn’t too extreme, it is $33 CAD for .22 oz of product which yes, isn’t a lot of product and is a hefty price, but its super cute and tiny and works really well for an easy look. For dryer skin I recommend hydrating before so that it doesn’t cling to dry patches. When I was at home for a few days I brought this and I didn’t have my normal moisturizer so it was clinging in areas it normally wouldn’t.

Would I recommend? Yes 100% if you are looking for something that is super light coverage and blurring yes. But if you have skin that is acne prone this might not be what you are looking for, but again all personal preference! You do you!

Have you tried any new launches?

Favourite Low Waste Swaps

Recently, I have been trying to be more low waste. I know I can never be low waste in every aspect of my life. Some areas of my life will never be low to no waste because I simply know I can’t be zero waste in every aspect. My personal motto is do what you can where you can. I thought I would talk about a few of my favourite low waste swaps!

First, stainless steel straws. I have talked about these before but I love them. I take them to work and use them when I can. Sometimes I forget them but most times I take them with me wherever I go as I like to use a straw.

Stainless steel straw and Mason Jar

Along with the first one a mode of drinking is my personal favourite; mason jars. I know, this is so cliche I know but these are the most useful thing to have around. They can hold sauce, salads, pasta, coffee, water, salad dressing, literally anything you want to store. Even things that aren’t food, makeup brushes, pencils, loose change etc. There is a use for them. I also like to buy things in glass jars and then reuse the jars to store things.

Bamboo Paper Towel and Rag

H&M Tote

Reusable rags and bamboo paper towels. I found the bamboo paper towels at Marshalls and they are amazing! Everytime I wash them they get softer and softer. I also took a few beach towels from home and cut up them into towels for cleaning and for napkins. Now the reusable life takes a bit of getting used to, like if you spill something it’s not as easy as one two throw out and never see the mess again. It requires rinsing off the rag and reusing it once or twice before throwing it in the laundry bag.

Tote bags. I just love a good tote bag. You can get them at a variety of stores and you can get fit many things in them. I have also noticed drastically my plastic bag use decrease. The one I have in the photo is from H&M  and it folds up to a small size that fits in my purse! I am hoping to get a few more as I think they are a great $3 purchase that saves the planet! These are different from typical grocery bags you might buy in the checkout line at loblaws, because they are so malleable you can fit them in your purse for safe keeping and if you buy something whip it out and carry what you need in there.

Reusable cotton rounds

My last personal favourite. Reusable cotton rounds. At first I was wary, but then I had a bunch of yarn and made my own. They are simple to make and they are super effective. My skin feels great, I use them a few times and you can wash them by hand in between uses and let them dry. They are such a great swap and I highly recommend making or buying some for you daily use of toner. If not pro tip: you can use your toner with your hands, obviously make sure they are clean, then squirt the toner on and press into the skin. Voila.

What is your favourite way to be low waste?

Burts Bees Review

Recently, I have been noticing something (which is obvious but bare with me) when I use natural based products my skin itself is clear and doesn’t feel congested. When I purchased some fun products from the Burts Bees makeup line I noticed immediately an improvement on my cheek texture. Obviously I remove my makeup every night, partake in the double cleanse and have a skincare routine (which I am still trying to perfect). But, when using blushes like the Burts Bees bare peach that I will be talking about, I really enjoyed the effect and the evident way in which it improved my skin texture. Read on if you want a review of some of the Burts Bees makeup line! I know this old news in the beauty world but to me I think they are still worth reviewing! 

Mascara, blush, foundation powder, lipstick

Bare Peach blush

The blush: this was what I was most excited for. Of course I wanted to toasted cinnamon but alas it was out of stock at the Walmart I was raiding so I decided to get bare peach. This blush is really nice. Its smooth and pigmented but not too pigmented. My only complaint is that it does fade throughout the day and essentially disappear. While some might think this is a bad thing I don’t mind because the makeup is absorbing into your skin, which means at least the ingredients are healthy and clean therefore I don’t feel like I’m ingesting odd chemicals.

Foundation powder

The foundation powder: This is the BEST powder I have tried for dry and dehydrated skin. I LOVE this powder. I used it as actual foundation one day and it didn’t make me look dry and cakey which other powders do (looking at you NYX). This is a great powder and I highly recommend it if you are in need of a clean, more affordable face powder.


glossy lipstick

The mascara: This really surprised me. I had seen some videos on it and people weren’t overly impressed. BUT I have also been searching for a clean mascara, and I think this is it. Dare I say this will be my new, for lack of a better term, holy grail mascara? It survived the rain, it survived an intense physio session where I sweat my butt off and it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

The glossy lipstick: These are moisturizing, pigmented and absolutely stunning on the lips. I love the smell, I love the sheen, I love the vibe. If you get anything from this post GET THIS. Any colour that suits your fancy, I highly recommend.

Have you tried any of the products yet?

Project pan update the second

Ah the second update is upon us. I am so excited to share my progress with you! I also wanted to clarify the project pan concept. Basically, there are items I want to use up but that doesn’t mean I am not going to add items into makeup wardrobe while participating in a project pan. It just means I’m going to be more thoughtful then I used to when purchasing products. For example, I have added a few things since starting but not nearly as much as I last year. For eyeshadow palettes, I only want to add 4 into my collection in 2018 and I already have added 3 so far and love them! Also forgive me, I forgot to photograph my 100% Pure lip caramel in truffle but it is definitely being used up as I can see in the tube more from the outside. This lives in my purse and work bag and I used it everyday.

The thing I am most excited about: I finished my Pur disappearing act concealer which you may have seen in my previous empties post. I am so excited this honestly took a year to finish. Granted, I switched between this and other concealers but when I started the project I focused on it. In honour of this, I am rolling in two concealers, my Wet n Wild photo focus one (found this at superstore for all the Canadians out there) and my Nudestix concealer pencil in light 2 which admittedly is almost done but I am gonna focus on it.

Colourpop Highlighter Lunch moneyButter-bronzer

The next thing I am excited about: I fricken hit pan on the butter bronzer! I can’t believe it I have had this for about two years. Granted, I did switch between bronzers last year but I really wanted to focus on this one because I have had it for so long. Fun fact: this was my very first bronzer ever, other than those Revlon shimmer strip things which technically was my first one but this was my first ever REAL bronzer. I know, crazy. I got it summer 2016, courtesy of my dad and I finally hit pan. I actually jumped for joy when this happened.

My Colourpop highlighter. Again, got this in 2016 with my BFF. I used it on and off but at first was really confused on how to us it. Now I just used my fingers and really blend it in. I think the pan has slightly expanded compared to the last update which is exciting because it is getting older and I want to use it up!

Covergirl Nudes Palette

The Covergirl Nudes. Frankly, I am getting a bit bored with this palette and honestly haven’t really been using as much as I could. I definitely have expanded the pans quite a bit compared to the last update but I am really excited to use this up finally because I love me a good nude palette, but once I got the Anastasia palette and of course my Urban Decay Naked heat  that I got in December, my Covergirl palette has taken a back. I also find myself  gravitating towards those two palettes or my Colourpop singles. But I’m glad this is in my project because otherwise I might just neglect it all together!

NYX Dark Circle corrector

My NYX dark circle corrector. Omg, I have actually used so much of this and I’m so happy! It kind of broke as I started using it more but it is really effective, when I am looking tired I used this, the Nudestix and then the wet n wild concealer (I know its a bit extra but I love the combination) and I look super awake.

Are you doing a project pan? Let me know your progress!