Blune Day 19: Empties the second

As a first point, I didn’t use all of these up this month, this has been accumulating since my last empties post. Most of these products were good, some not so great and others were just meh. I thought I would take you through a few items that I’ve used up and give a wee review on some of them.

The Marcelle Gentle Cream Cleanser, I am on the hunt for a basic face wash but this was too basic. I don’t know if it was the bulky packaging or the just okay texture, but it just wasn’t my favourite at all. It did the job but it wasn’t the best and I won’t be repurchasing. I also finished a Thayers Witch Hazel Lavender toner which I have already repurchased and LOVE and I finished the Rice Water Clarifying toner from The Body Shop which was beautiful and I would consider repurchasing as a clarifying toner for those days my skin needs a bit of extra help. I finished the rose water from Amazon that I used in my DIY toner water. Yet another Body shop favourite the camomile cleansing balm. I really like this alot, but I am lazy and want to have a makeup remover I can use in the shower and this isn’t one BUT it is amazing and doesn’t blur your eyes if you get it in them. I also finished two moisturizers including (yet another) Body Shop tea tree oil  night lotion and the Sukin hydrating Rosehip day cream, both of which were really nice. The Sukin one I found didn’t sit well under makeup but the Body Shop one is definitely something I want to repurchase I have the chance.

Body Shop CC cream, Pur Setting spray, The Body shop lash hero, Annabelle highlighter, FAB coconut primer,

Rose water, Marcelle Extra Gentle Cleanser, Rice milky cleanser toner, Camomile Cleansing balm, Thayers Lavender toner, Tea Tree night lotion, Sukin Rosehip day cream

Makeup. I have finished and am decluttering a few items. First I have a few glowy primers. One of the First Aid Beauty coconut skin primer which was great and I would repurchase but when I ran out of these ones I replaced them with the Physicians formula spotlight primer. The second glowy product was the Tarte Brighter days highlighting moisturizer, which I didn’t really find all the moisturizing but it was nice to have in my arsenal. The Body Shop CC cream in fair glow. This was alright, I think it went bad near the end so it was starting to irritate my skin but overall it was a nice glowy base and I would repurchase. The Annabelle strobing drops (no longer available), I don’t know if I actually ran out of these just strangely dried out but I can no longer get them out of the bottle so alas I’m calling it an empty. The body shop mascara, this was really nice, a bit flakey and again I just had to get rid of it because I have had it for way longer than 6 months. Currently I have a few mascaras I love but I would be interested in trying more. My favourite mascara for dramatic lashes is a Maybelline one (Meghan Markle’s fave in fact but it is great) so once I’m done that one I would love to try more Body Shop ones. I also finished the PUR setting spray which lasted me quite awhile and have since replaced it with the Joe Fresh one which is almost done and now I have a few of the new Body Shop ones that I’m liking so far but will report back when I’ve used them more.

Schmidt's Deodorant, Tom's, SweetSpot cleanser, Lush Dream cream

Body care. I have a few items including my favourite and staple Sweetspot Labs body wash. This is a PH feminine hygiene product and is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done for my feminine areas. I get the unscented version and I love it. I have already re-purchased this. I also finished two Schmidt’s deodorants. I really like the Tea Tree Sensitive Skin one because it didn’t irritate the old pits, but the charcoal and magnesium one I found a bit irritating. The mini of the Lush Dream Cream, this remains to be my favourite hand cream and body lotion, its light and airy and soaks in immediately. Last but not least the Toms mouthwash, it’s pretty good but I like the Jason one better because it actually purifies my mouth where as this one just felt like flavoured water.

Have you used up any products lately?


Blune Day 18: The Makeup I wore to convocation

Alas, I recently did a post about what I learned in university and today I thought I would write about what I wore makeup wise for my graduation. It was a very hot day, I’m talking plus 40 and the humidity was quite the time. I wanted to keep my base light but still nice enough for the photos and the flash photography.

butter-bronzerFor my base I decided to go with the Body Shop Fresh nude foundation and the Wet ‘n’ wild photo focus concealer. I then used the Nudestix Bondie Bae to do some bronzing because since it was so hot I wanted to use some cream products. I then using my Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer over the top for a bit of extra bronze because I love me a bronzy glow. Then I went with my tried and true classic the Balm Mary- Lou Manizer. For my blush I used the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, I mixed the two blushes because they were neutral and matched my whole look.




As an overall setting product I used the Cover Fx perfect setting powder which worked well, but quite honestly I was sweating like a mammer so I can’t say this really stood the test of setting but I feel like it did a decent job so I’m giving it all the credit.


For my eyes, again a tried and true I used the Naked 3 palette. I just love the Naked 3, I know a controversial fave. I used Limit and nooner in the crease, then mugshot all over the lid and dusk on the inner corner. I just love the simple looks you can create and the looks are simple and classy which is what I was going for.



For the lips I went with Lush perspective. Again my favourite. Every time I have a job interview or special event I wear this. IT is the perfect my lips but better colour and works with basically any eyeshadow and blush.

What is your go to hot weather makeup?

Blune Day 17: A Wee Drugstore Haul

Friends, I did a thing and it involves makeup, body care and superstore aka I went to get toothpaste and this happened. The body care items I got earlier this month at shoppers, I basically keep them in business. The makeup stems from the fact that I needed toothpaste. I bought the Toms of Maine whole care toothpaste because it’s my favourite cruelty free toothpaste! I bought a few bits the other weekend just for some testing purposes and also as a foundation backup for my graduation day (which I didn’t end up wearing, makeup to come in a post later this week).

Tom's whole care toothpaste

I was super curious about the Joe Fresh neutrals palette and alas broke down and made it my fourth palette of the year! I know it’s an odd choice, but I have been into super light washes of colour on the lids. I love all the shades and this also seems like it’s the perfect travel palette size!

I also picked up the wet ‘n’ wild photofocus foundation, I should say I don’t wear foundation everyday yet I own quite a few. I kept hearing about this on Full Coverage podcast and I was curious. It is great. But it smells like paint, which isn’t a surprise because it was only $7 but it is easily sheered out and has great coverage. I recommend moisturizing well beforehand to because it has the tendency to cling to dry patches

Essence Luminizing Primer, Joe Fresh Eyeshadow palette, Wet n Wild photo focus foundation


The Essence primer Fresh and Fit glow pore minimizing primer. That is a mouthful.  Okay this was an impulse purchase. I have never seen this before and decided to try it out, it was only $5.99 which is kind of suspect ingredient wise but so far it’s okay! I don’t notice a noticeable radiance. The search for a cruelty free glowy base continues! I’ll use this up but it’s nothing super exciting!

The scrub of your Life and Nivea in Shower body lotion

Nivea in shower body lotion

I also got two body care items which is always fun! I got the Soap and Glory scrub of your life body exfoliator and the Nivea in shower body lotion. I was curious about both because it’s the summer and I really didn’t feel like putting on cream after the shower because my apartment is very sweaty. Honestly i think it works! I have been noticing my skin is softer and more hydrated! I enjoy the convenience of having it the shower and not having to do anything after. The Soap and Glory exfoliator is great, but its not Lush exfoliator both in scent and in effectiveness. I like it, I am going to use it on the daily of course, and its a beautiful not too artificial scent. If you are looking for something that smells summery and is a good exfoliator for the summer this could be a good one for you! 

Have you picked up anything new lately?

Blune Day 16: Lets talk, running with asthma

It is no secret that I have allergy induced asthma. I get the question a lot from people who want to run “how do you run with asthma”? Well folks read on. I wanted to outline ways that I run and help myself keep motivated and my lungs healthy when doing a sport that is literally about your lungs.

Okay, first make sure it’s actually asthma. I was diagnosed way back before I even started running when I was around 11. So I have had it forever, regardless of exercise it is triggered by allergies and things in my environment, certain smells, pollen whatever. It has greatly improved since moving to a gluten free lifestyle and taking probiotics!  I often see this in people who say “I went once and my lungs felt like they were bleeding”. I hate to break it to you but it may not be asthma and you should go to you doc to actually get a diagnosis. The likelihood is is your lungs aren’t used to the running and working hard. If you don’t have asthma this feeling generally goes away once you consistently run. Also, this is from inexperience of starting too fast (which I STILL find myself doing).

Now onto actually running with asthma. I take my blue inhaler before I leave, and usually again after I get back if I am feeling like my lungs are having a struggle. Then, understand that when I run, I go very slowly in the beginning to get my lungs work, think of it as lung activation.

So what do you do when it gets hard? Well folks, running is a mental game. You mentally must keep yourself going, I like to listen to music so I don’t get distracted by my own breathing. Yes this sounds odd, but when I would try to run in my highschool days I never had music and would get so mad that I couldn’t go faster and then just give up entirely. I also have been dabbling into the podcast world while running which I love doing because it’s like I’m learning whilst running! Recommendations: the daily, Breaking beauty, full coverage, The Bustle Huddle, The Female Struggle is real! So many good ones!

Also, one key piece of advice at least in my personal experience is run alone. If you have a system, if you have a way that you keep yourself in check, run alone. Sure,  I do races, I would because you are literally just running but in a group and aren’t actually running like partners run, but its tough finding a partner that you vibe with breathing wise or who don’t have asthma or experienced with asthma. My mom runs with her friend who also has asthma so running together makes is good for both of them because neither feels judged by the other. Not that a non-asthmatic person would be judgemental because in all likelihood they aren’t, but if you prefer your system then go for it!

Lastly running with asthma is a great deal more difficult then running with regular lungs. I have great days and bad days. when the pollen count is out and about it can be very hard but when the weather is good my lungs are generally fine and don’t hold me back. The biggest thing to remember as an asthmatic athlete: David Beckham has asthma and he is a world class soccer player. Just because asthma can slow you down it doesn’t mean you aren’t a strong runner, it just means you have to train a bit differently and give yourself the time for your lungs to build up strength.

Happy Running!

Blune Day 15: What’s in my work bag?

I wanted to do a bit of a different post today, a post about what’s in my work bag! I think it’s fascinating to see what people carry around in their bags with them and I thought I would share some fun things that I generally have in bag.

First, I always have a few lip options and of course a lip balm. Currently I have the Burts Bees lip balm and then just a few different lip options including the NYX soft matte lip creams and the Lush lipstick in Strong. I do also usually have a lip gloss but I think that one might be in my other after work/socializing purse.


Then a fun one for ya’ll I keep imodium and oval in my bag at all times. You think it would be Advil but for me the I like to have these on me just in case my bowels deceive me at work or I eat some wheat or something that I shouldn’t and need to save the office from any stenches. I also keep a little reusable rag for wiping off my reusable straws and also if I need to blot my lipstick. 

Headphones. I work in an office where we do a lot of video editing and you can listen to music while you work on your computer so I like to have these around. It’s also nice to have them for the short walk to and from work to listen to the podcasts I love.



I also usually always have some sort of gum, and it’s always the Pur brand from Winners or Marshalls. I love cinnamon gum. It’s my favourite so I generally have that flavour.

Pur cinnamon gum


I always have hand sanitizer and hand cream. I used to have the Lush dream cream in a mini but it ran out and thanks to my BFF who got me hand cream for galentines day I have this new cake beauty one that smells like delicious sugar but not in a sickly way, and same with my hand sanitizer from bath and body works it’s so nice. I keep these two mainly because I work in an office where a lot of people are sick all the time so I like to have these on hand.

I keep a perfume in my bag as well. I don’t ever really use it but if I forgot to put some on I’ll put it on at lunch or on a break just for a nice scent. Calvin Klein perfume

Chapters bag

Now what do I keep all these fun items in? I have a little makeup pouch my mom gave me for Christmas a few years ago and this tote bag from chapters I got last year. Its very useful and fits all my work day needs.

Blune Day 14: lip formulas I enjoy

Ah yes, as you might know my one of my favourite makeup items are lipsticks. I don’t know about you, but I am always searching for the perfect nude, the perfect berry, the perfect red in colour and formula. I have found that my favourite types of lipsticks are the barely there formulas that pack a punch in pigmentation.

This is not surprise to many of you, but I love all the Burts Bees formulas and cannot wait to get my hands on their new liquid lipsticks. I like the glossy lip formula, their lip balm, the regular semi matte lip formula, the shimmer lip balms. My favourite two are the glossy lip pencil and the glossy lipsticks. I wear these on the daily. In my purse I always carry at least one or the lip balm depending on the day. They play well with lip liners and lip glosses. The best part is the clean ingredients and the pigmentation of all the colours. I haven’t found a shade I don’t like! As well if you are a minimal makeup wearer I think these would look beautiful with just them on the lips then some mascara.

Burts Bees glossy lipstick and

Joe Fresh Matte Cushion Lipstick

The other lip formulas I love are from Joe Fresh. Their lip balms are so lovely. They are glossy and not to thick and come in a variety of colours. The packaging feels weighty and you don’t need a mirror for these which is a plus in my books. The other lip formula that I have spoken about before is are the matte cushion lipsticks that are beautiful. They feel sticky when they go on, but immediately dry to a nice comfortable matte formula which is hard to find.

Nudestix cream lip and cheek pencils. I have the shade Sin, a cool toned rose.  I want some more Nudestix lip products because they are just so good. Literally every thing from the brand is great. I only have one lip and cheek pencil in the shade saint (it also looks beautiful on the cheeks). The formula is a bit thicker but dries down to a nice cream stain on the lips that I an a personal fave of (if you haven’t been able to tell already).

Colourpop Blotted lipstick

Lush Lipstick in perspecitve

The Colourpop blotted lipsticks. These are the most beautifully lightweight matte lipsticks. They have almost a powdery finish but I like them because they don’t dry out my lips and look beautiful built up or just as a stain.

The Lush lipsticks. The Lush liquid lipsticks are so good. They are unfortunately discontinued but I really like these. The finish is beautiful, I like them rubbed into a lip balm or built up to a their full pigmentation.


Last but not least, the Pixi tinted lip balms. I love these and have talked about them before. These are the best tinted lip balm in my humble opinion. I think that they have the best finish to them. They last a long time, last through eating and never make my lips feel dry.

What are your favourite lipsticks?

Blune Day 13: A Chat about SPF

SPF is the most important step to any skincare routine. The experts say to apply sunscreen after moisturizer but I apply it as my moisturizer because I use a SPF 30 moisturizer. First, a bit about what SPF is and some definitions. I won’t go into the mineral vs. chemical because that is a post for another time. SPF stands for sun protection factor that generally products the UVB rays from the sun. SPF 30 protects 97% of the UVB rays and SPF 50 protects 98% of UVB rays. While experts don’t often recommend a moisturizer with SPF because the concentration isn’t actually that effective and you aren’t putting as much on as you would a separate sunscreen, I use one because I don’t find myself outside all day because I work in an office with minimal windows. According to dermatologists moisturizers with SPF dilutes the SPF making it not as effective. For me, my problem is that a separate SPF and moisturizer never mesh well together and because I wake up slightly later than planned for work everyday I just don’t have the time to wait for my moisturizer to dry then put the SPF on top. And at that, it then doesn’t mesh well with certain makeup items. Alas, it is a struggle which is why I’m on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer.

The first SPF I want to share is that I’ve been using is Aveeno Fresh Essentials nourishing moisturizers. I don’t generally use Aveeno but I was looking for something accessible and affordable. I have been trying to go cruelty free as much as possible but its a slow process as skincare can run more expensive than finding cruelty free makeup. Pros, it is a moisturizer so I get the moisturizing benefits and it does have SPF 30. This one has all the UVB absorbers which are FDA approved (which I know doesn’t say much but bear with me I’m just dipping my toes in this ingredient world) is a plus and doesn’t irritate my skin. Cons,  I worry that the effectiveness is diminished because it is in a moisturizer, but I’m not outside often and when I do run outside I use a different sunscreen, and its not cruelty free.

La Roche Posay and Aveeno

The second one I wanted to share was the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 60. This is a French pharmacy brand that carries several different types of sunscreens. They formulate products specifically for sensitive skin and claims to have a matte finish. Which was exciting because that is what I need. I use this on no makeup days or days when I have time to let my moisturizer sit between that and layering this. I don’t think La Roche Posay is cruelty free but this said “matte finish” I think my whole thing is I need to grab a lightweight fast absorbing moisturizer. Any ideas please leave a comment or shoot me a message on my instagram.

Alba Bontanica

The Alba Botancia SPF 40 sport sunscreen. I really like this for just that, sport. It does not sit well under makeup or mix together well with moisturizers at all. It just peels right off. I like this for running because as it says it is meant for sport, so alas that is what I use it for. It is the only cruelty free option of the bunch so I’m on the hunt for an affordable sunscreen. I have my eye on a few so when I run out of these ones I will report back.

A final note about SPF, WEAR IT not matter what. SPF is one of the key things to keeping you skin healthy and glowing. The best reason to use SPF everyday is to minimize your chance of skin damage that can cause cancer and sun spots which increase risk of cancer. It also keeps your skin healthy and glowing

What is your favourite sunscreen?



Blune Day 12: Using Dr. Bronner’s for skin, body and hair care

Cleanser, shampoo, body wash, shaving. I used it for a week. Okay, so i love the smell of the lavender bar, but I wanted to give you my findings of this scientific experiments.

Here are the claims: “Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar Soaps are biodegradable-vegan, gentle and versatile; they work great for washing body, face or hair! Made with certified fair trade ingredients and organic hemp oil for a soft, smooth lather that won’t dry your skin. 100% biodegradable in a 100% post-consumer recycled wrapper”

Here are the ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Palm Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide**, Water, Lavandin Extract, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Salt, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

As a face cleanser. I love lavender for anything so naturally this was the scent I chose. The bar is soft and weighty which I love and it really cleans your skin to a squeaky clean feeling that is common with castile soaps. I have heard differing opinions about using essential oils on your face, but I find my skin does like them. However, after a few days I noticed a tight feeling in my skin that I never have had before, likely attributed to the stripping the bar was doing to my face. I was kind of sad about it because this bar is $6.00 so it would have been great to have a ethical, low waste cleanser but alas my skin cannot deal. I was really impressed with how it removed all my makeup, but I think I will be going back my current cleanser a mini of the  Caudalie foaming cleanser because it leaves my skin feeling great and is a very clean ingredient wise. If you have tough skin I think you might really like this, but for us normal-dry gals this might not be for you. 

Dr. Bronners

retireved from

As a shampoo. I have been using the Live Clean Daily Care shampoo and the Live Clean balancing shampoo, but again this dried out my hair like no ones business. This bar 100% cleaned my hair, but it wasn’t the least bit hydrating at all. My hair felt more greasy after using this so I don’t think I’ll continue using it on my hair. I only ended up using this for two washes and went back to my normal hair care regime.

As a body wash. Not the most luxurious or mind blowing, but it did the job. I would definitely continue using this as a body wash. I like that it is in post consumer recycled paper and is on the affordable side and lasts forever which means saving money in the long run. For the winter though, I’m not sure how well this would work since my skin tends to shrivel like a prune.

Have you ever tried any Dr. Bronners items? What are you favourite uses for them?

Ps. Please forgive me, I forgot to take photos when this was in the package so please enjoy the photo found on, this is also where I got all my info on the soap.

Blune Day 11: Brand Focus Annabelle cosmetics

Annabelle is  the most underrated brand of them all. It’s Canadian so you don’t often hear about them on YouTube unless from a Canadian YouTuber and even then they all don’t always mention it. I wanted to give a bit of brand history before diving into their awesome products. The brand offers the widest selection of eyeliners and eye kohls (none of which I own cause I don’t wear eyeliners or kohls) in Canadian drugstores and is a national leader according to their website. They were founded in 1967 by Morrie Cohen a Montreal businessman and is named after his mother in law. It was acquired by Marcelle in 1999. The brand was also the first Canadian brands to work with bloggers. I am not cool enough to get sent product but I feel like I should say, I bought this all with my own monies.

I have discovered some AMAZING products form them over the last few years. Most of their products have minimal ingredients, are paraben free and gluten free and talc free. They are Canadian and cruelty free!


The bronzer. I have the biggie matte bronzer. This is a beautiful warm bronzer that I find is very buildable and not too scary if you put too much on. I like that it is a sculpting and warming bronzer so you can use it for more wide contouring and bronzing all in one.

The blush. I have one of their darker blushes, because I bought this in the fall. It is a beautiful shimmery blush, I also love it on the eyes and they have a decent range, but definitely a range that could be bigger in my opinion. Formula wise, these are very soft and last quite awhile on the cheeks which is a bonus for a blush.

Liquid Illuminators. I don’t think these are available anymore but these are beautiful liquid highlighters. I LOVE THEM. I actually recently finished one (only took me a thousand years) and they are great. if Annabelle ever comes out with them again snatch them up. I also have their cream highlighter. This is a beautiful highlighter, it’s blendable and a beautiful sheen on the skin. I cannot get over the performance of their cream highlighter sticks.


Single eye shadows. I only have one – again I didn’t want to buy a bunch, but I am on the hunt for great taupe eyeshadows so naturally I bought the metallic taupe shade. Its beautiful and blendable. It is soft and silky and a great one and done eyeshadow good for day time and if you going out at night!

Chrome eyeshadows (not the gold). I have the rose gold shade. It is a beautiful shade that blends out beautifully. It plays well with other eyeshadows and creates a beautiful sheen and sparkle on the eye. I only have this shade and I did have the gold one but it was very chunky and odd looking on the eye. I may have gotten a dud on this colour, but I would like to try more, you know for science.

The Eyeshadow sticks. The claim on this stick is it lasts all day and has intense colour. It does have great intense colour but it also on me creases a lot. I love the shade (of course I bought taupe) and I don’t overly mind the creasing but sometimes I don’t like when a cream shadow stick is super creasy. I think of all the things this is my least favourite purely because it creases so quickly.


The Lip lacquers. I have two of these. They are beautiful! I love both shades that I have. The pink one is the a beautiful shade for spring-summer but also I wear it year round. The nude shade is one that I am valiantly trying to use up and its working because it’s usually the only lip colour I bring to work or bring out with me. It also looks great over any lip liner (which I will be discussing in this post as well).

The Lip liners. I would say along with their eyeliners and eye kohls these are one of their most popular items. They have a variety of colours and types. I have both the traditional wooden ones and the gel liners. I love both formulas and they match the lip lacquers extremely nicely.

Do you have any favourite Annabelle products?


Blune Day 10: University, a reflection and some (hopefully) helpful advice

I am graduating (finally) from university next week! Wow, only took 5 years and 3 schools but here I am! I have grown so much in the past 5 years (how has it been five years?). I think that in university it is a great learning experience for not just academics but life in general. My degree has given me so much more perspective so I guess in this case my academics have informed my life greatly.

When I left home at 18 I went 8 hours away and was so naive in thinking I knew what I wanted to do. I loved my first year, there were ups and downs but I met my very best friend, we still talk pretty much everyday (sorry she knows I’m not a phone caller so it’s just texting) and I will visit her as soon as I can!

So what have I learned in university and why is this post warranted on my beauty and lifestyle blog? Because a large part of my university journey was beauty and fitness. I also learned so much about myself, about leadership, about activism, about feminism and about people. I thought I would make a post about what I learned in uni and some advice if you are just entering the the uni world.

First, what did I learn? I learned a lot about myself. When I came to my current school, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be anymore. I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I had more of an idea at least, and finally found myself mind blown by the content of my courses which is what I was missing that first year of school. I learned extensively about things I had never thought about before and this helped shape me as a person. My first year I was in an odd transfer student status so I spent most of my time spinning with my friend from home and getting used to the university workload again after my year of college. The past three years were also when I first started to learned about beauty and makeup. I know, it feels like forever. But fun fact, it was the summer of 2016 when I actually started wearing and understanding makeup (also the summer we found Buttons and I met one of my best friends). It wasn’t until this year however that I was inspired to really start blogging about beauty because it has become so mainstream I didn’t feel as weird blogging about it as I did when I started this blog as a naive 18 year old.

Second, I learned to love fitness again. After 13 years of skating I was frankly lost on my fitness journey. I was used to having somewhere to go, I was used to going to skating and being coached all the time. Spinning of course was great, but when the instructor I loved left (such sad) and my friend graduated, I started my running journey. This running journey was the reboot of the blog! The following year aka 2017-18 is when I got a personal trainer and continued running and battling fun injuries (I’m being sarcastic here) and I was able to be a leader in my department and work a great job.

Advice for uni specifically: I have participated in a lot of recruitment fairs with my department and faculty, and everyone I see I tell them to either take a year off or be prepared to switch majors and not know what you are doing with your life. Its okay to be scared, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to not make automatic friends, its okay to not be friends with the same person you met in first year, it’s okay to take a gap year. I think the most important thing to remember is that even if you end up transferring a year of education and life learning is never wasted!

If you are graduating or just going into the post secondary life, I hope this post was helpful and interesting!