A word on Decluttering

Decluttering is something I’ve always struggled with, whether its clothes, books, random things from my childhood or makeup. It is something I really want to get better at and I’ve been pretty good with clothes. If it doesn’t fit, it’s donated, if it’s broken, it’s fixed or I fix it then I donate it. With makeup and with having a blog, I find myself acquiring items for posts, for comparison, because of hype and then never using it again … or consistently reaching for something else over it because it suits my current makeup style more. All of the items in this post are items I’ve decided to declutter. They are all great products. They are all beautiful on the skin and easy to use, but they just aren’t getting the use they deserve in my collection. Many of these items also dupe items in my collection so as with other areas in my life, I wanted to pare it down.

I am decluttering a lot of ELF products … ELF is a great brand, one of my favorite drugstore brands but I find that the items I own from them dupe other ones and that was mostly the purpose I bought them, for posts I never got around to writing. For example, their pressed highlighter dupes pretty much any other gold/champagne highlighter in my collection. So I decided it was time to part with it. Same with the Wet n wild and Maybelline master chrome. These are both wonderful metallic see from space highlighters, but again they are similar to ones that already exist in my collection and those cover that metallic look when I’m in the mood for it. I am also finally decluttering blushed gems from ELF because while it’s beautiful, I just have others that are a similar shade. The essence highlighting stick is a lovely cream highlighter I included in last years underrated drugstore products, but again I just haven’t used this as much as I should so alas it shall find a better home. I’m also decluttering one bronzer, which was also in my underrated drugstore products. This is underrated and it is a beautiful bronzer, but it’s just not getting the use in my collection it deserves.

highlighter clockwise: ELF shimmering skin highlighter, essence prism highlighter, Maybelline master chrome highlighter, ELF baked highlighter in blushed gems, Wet n wild highlighter in blossom glow.
Clockwise: ELF prism palette in bronze, Joe Fresh neutrals, Illamasqua palette, ELF baked eyeshadow, Essence eyeshadow stick in mauve.

I’m also decluttering 5 eyeshadow products. A single eyeshadow from ELF that is great, I just find myself gravitating towards other purples in my collection as well as the ELF prism eyeshadows in the bronze. I love this, but I also have the Maybelline rooftop bronzes that have a few more shades I use more than this one. I’m also, which I didn’t think I would, am decluttering the Joe Fresh neutrals palette. I KNOW. I barely used this since I bought it last year … so I’ve decided it’s time for it to go. I find myself gravitating towards more warm neutrals and pinks so alas it is time for it to find a new home.

Blushes left to right: Milani Luminoso, ELF Berry Merry, Annabelle, ELF Twinkle Pink blush

We have four blushes and one cream blush. Again, these are all similar shades I have in my collection in other formulas that have been getting more use than these ones. My mom has already taken all the blushes so it was easy to find them a new home! As for the cream blush, I bought this for a post that never happened … so I decided it was time to finally get rid of it.

Left to right: the ordinary coverage foundation, Maybelline stick foundation.

I am also getting rid of two of foundations in my collection. One is the Ordinary coverage foundation. I simply don’t prefer this one compared to the serum. This one isn’t drying at all, I just gravitate towards the serum one because I can easily slap it on. The Maybelline SuperStay Foundation stick. The one I wanted to love, but the one that was just too drying for my skin. I decided to part with it because I prefer the L’Oreal shaping stick.

My point of this post is that decluttering makeup is hard, especially as a blogger. I almost feel like when I declutter something, it was either intended for a post I never got around to making or something I reviewed and it fell by the wayside. I’m trying to strike a balance between new products and shopping my stash and creating blog posts to create content.

Blune Day 11: Brand Focus Annabelle cosmetics

Annabelle is  the most underrated brand of them all. It’s Canadian so you don’t often hear about them on YouTube unless from a Canadian YouTuber and even then they all don’t always mention it. I wanted to give a bit of brand history before diving into their awesome products. The brand offers the widest selection of eyeliners and eye kohls (none of which I own cause I don’t wear eyeliners or kohls) in Canadian drugstores and is a national leader according to their website. They were founded in 1967 by Morrie Cohen a Montreal businessman and is named after his mother in law. It was acquired by Marcelle in 1999. The brand was also the first Canadian brands to work with bloggers. I am not cool enough to get sent product but I feel like I should say, I bought this all with my own monies.

I have discovered some AMAZING products form them over the last few years. Most of their products have minimal ingredients, are paraben free and gluten free and talc free. They are Canadian and cruelty free!


The bronzer. I have the biggie matte bronzer. This is a beautiful warm bronzer that I find is very buildable and not too scary if you put too much on. I like that it is a sculpting and warming bronzer so you can use it for more wide contouring and bronzing all in one.

The blush. I have one of their darker blushes, because I bought this in the fall. It is a beautiful shimmery blush, I also love it on the eyes and they have a decent range, but definitely a range that could be bigger in my opinion. Formula wise, these are very soft and last quite awhile on the cheeks which is a bonus for a blush.

Liquid Illuminators. I don’t think these are available anymore but these are beautiful liquid highlighters. I LOVE THEM. I actually recently finished one (only took me a thousand years) and they are great. if Annabelle ever comes out with them again snatch them up. I also have their cream highlighter. This is a beautiful highlighter, it’s blendable and a beautiful sheen on the skin. I cannot get over the performance of their cream highlighter sticks.


Single eye shadows. I only have one – again I didn’t want to buy a bunch, but I am on the hunt for great taupe eyeshadows so naturally I bought the metallic taupe shade. Its beautiful and blendable. It is soft and silky and a great one and done eyeshadow good for day time and if you going out at night!

Chrome eyeshadows (not the gold). I have the rose gold shade. It is a beautiful shade that blends out beautifully. It plays well with other eyeshadows and creates a beautiful sheen and sparkle on the eye. I only have this shade and I did have the gold one but it was very chunky and odd looking on the eye. I may have gotten a dud on this colour, but I would like to try more, you know for science.

The Eyeshadow sticks. The claim on this stick is it lasts all day and has intense colour. It does have great intense colour but it also on me creases a lot. I love the shade (of course I bought taupe) and I don’t overly mind the creasing but sometimes I don’t like when a cream shadow stick is super creasy. I think of all the things this is my least favourite purely because it creases so quickly.


The Lip lacquers. I have two of these. They are beautiful! I love both shades that I have. The pink one is the a beautiful shade for spring-summer but also I wear it year round. The nude shade is one that I am valiantly trying to use up and its working because it’s usually the only lip colour I bring to work or bring out with me. It also looks great over any lip liner (which I will be discussing in this post as well).

The Lip liners. I would say along with their eyeliners and eye kohls these are one of their most popular items. They have a variety of colours and types. I have both the traditional wooden ones and the gel liners. I love both formulas and they match the lip lacquers extremely nicely.

Do you have any favourite Annabelle products?