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Sephora Haul: Mini Reviews

I did a bit of shopping over the past few months at good old Sephora. I have been near a Sephora about twice a month for the past 6 months for work training, and I always took the opportunity to do a little bit of a pop in at Sephora. I got a few of these products online (during the Sephora sale) and a … Read More Sephora Haul: Mini Reviews


12 Days of Blogging Day 3: My Favourite Red Lipsticks

I love red lipstick. Unfortunately, because of my allergies I find myself not wearing if very often. BUT during the holiday season I tend to wear it a bit more often than usual and I wanted to outline a few of my favourite red lipsticks I have in my collection. The warm red Covergirl Succulent Cherry, it’s a nice warm red with a hint … Read More 12 Days of Blogging Day 3: My Favourite Red Lipsticks


Bits I Tend to Buy From The Drugstore

I saw the YouTube channel Too Much Tash do this as a video quite a while ago and she was talking about products she doesn’t splurge on. I thought it was a fun idea but I wanted to put my own spin on it.  None of these are hard and fast rules, but as it stands I have certain items in my collection I … Read More Bits I Tend to Buy From The Drugstore


Project Pan Update the Third

Hi all! So as you know I am doing a year long project pan. I never specified the number because I’m still new to this project pan world but I wanted to add some items this month because I’ve actually finished a few items and realized most people to 10 items for 2018 or more so I decided to add a few items for … Read More Project Pan Update the Third


Blune Day 23: The beauty Tag

I saw this tag floating around the blog world and didn’t actually get tagged, but I thought this was a fun post to do for day 23. It will allow you to learn a bit more about my beauty life! Do you remember your first makeup item?  I think it was this PUR intro set that my mom bought me from the shopping channel What … Read More Blune Day 23: The beauty Tag

Nudestix Tinted Blur stick review

I usually don’t do focused reviews on one item, but I stumbled across this when I was in Sephora earlier in the month. I had been seeing these on Nudestix Instagram and before the release date, I spotted them! I decided I’d pick one up. Mostly because it is summer, it’s hot, and it has a stain matte finish which is perfect for summer. … Read More Nudestix Tinted Blur stick review

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