What Happened to My skin After only Using Drugstore Makeup for Month

In the name of science, I decided that for the month of April I would use all drugstore makeup for a month. In doing so I kept all my project pan items the same – such as the body shop foundation which is mid-range as well as my pan that palette, palettes, but other than that I switched out my normal high and low routine, for all drugstore affordable products. I Kept my skincare routine basically the same. I did get two new cleansers and a new moisturizer. I also added a new face oil, but that only made my skin feel better. I wanted to say that normally I switch between the IT Cosmetics CC cream and the Benefit foundation as well as my Body shop foundation and my Andalou Naturals cc cream, with a smattering of the Maybelline BB Cream in there. I know – I keep it wild. My reasoning for this project was mainly for the foundations. I wanted to see what would happen to my skin if I used only drugstore foundations, powders, concealers for a month. Mostly – I was curious about the effects of the wide range of foundations I owned price wise.

My skin before the whole experiment taken on April 1st.
Joe fresh concealer and Burt's Bees Goodness Glows foundation product shot

Day 2: new pimples have popped up. Literally, the day after I began using the Covergirl Outlast Active foundation  I got new spots. This is the thing – I wanted to make a more inexpensive drugstore foundation work which I why I used the CoverGirl and the Rimmel breathable foundation for the first half of the month. But, my skin just did not react well. Which is extremely frustrating because makeup should be accessible and affordable and not give your skin wild reactions. While most young people have great skin and don’t need foundation, I am fully aware that teenagers want to wear foundation and yet the foundations they can afford are clogging their sweet young pores.

Day 3

By day 3 I had sprouted new friends on my chin. Alas, I was still using the CoverGirl and Rimmel foundation. I had bought the ELF BB Cream which I actually quite like and doesn’t irritate my skin so that will be on my rotation for after May. I noticed an improvement after I started using the BB Cream and then just using concealer.

Day 15 – a bit more congested than usual, lots of redness and spots.
Physicians formula butter high lighter, bronzer, blush.

By day 15, halfway through the month my skin was visibly more textured and had small breakouts – bare in mind when I used the Burt’s bees foundation for my skin drastically improved. When I returned to the Maybelline BB cream and  Covergirl foundation my skin then turned slightly red and those small breakouts returned. At this point, I decluttered the Rimmel and Covergirl foundations that I knew were causing this and switched to only using the Maybelline BB Cream, and the Burt’s Bees Foundation.

The Last day of the experiment. A few spots but looking a lot less congested

At the end of the month, you can see that my skin had improved – there are a few uncharacteristic spots around my mouth and on my forehead that I never get. However, this was only because I was gifted the Burt’s Bees foundation that is a clean foundation and I bought the Physicians formula healthy foundation that is $20 CAD which resulted in my skin healing. I also was using my L’Oreal shaping stick foundation that has never irritated my skin and is also $20 CAD. As someone who loves affordable makeup but also loves skincare, it is interesting to see the difference in using more expensive products from the drugstore that give my skin a better reaction than that of the less expensive foundations you can find at the drugstore.

L'Oreal shaping stick and Maybelline Instant age rewind
Joe Fresh single eyeshadow

This experiment really taught me the value of ingredients in foundations. CoverGirl by far had the most ingredients but that doesn’t mean they aren’t bad – it just means my skin might react to those differences but other peoples skin might be totally fine. What I did find was that the drugstore does concealer formula’s very well. I know in theory they should be similar formulas to foundations but I found that the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and the Joe Fresh illuminating concealer were wonderful.

In the name of science, my conclusion is that my skin prefers higher end base products but can handle the powders at the drugstore which tend to not give my skin a reaction – however, I do use the more expensive drugstore products so that is defiantly a factor.

Look out for the end of May when I post about my high-end makeup every day and see the results of my skin then!

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Burt’s Bees Foundation Review

As you all know I live for the Burt’s Bees makeup line, I love pretty much everything I’ve tried…except the foundation. I bought this a bit after I did my review on their other makeup products. I bought this because my blogger curiosity got the best of me despite reading and watching mediocre reviews in the beauty community. This review might be late in terms of the beauty community, but if you are like me and generally like to wear cleaner ingredients or simply support cruelty free brands the this review might (hopefully) be helpful.

First, as I like to do with base product reviews, my skin type is normal, not too dry not too oily, just in the middle. I got the shade buff and it is a good colour match but there are a lot of misgivings. Apparently there is a new concealer and I’m curious to try that to see if it’s any good once it hits the shelves in Canada.

What I look for in a foundation is a few things, lighter coverage, skin like finish, and a foundation that melts nicely into the skin without looking like foundation (I know so much to ask).  Because of the title of this foundation, “Goodness Glows” I assumed it would be a glowy foundation with a skin like finish. It is described according to their website as a “Our 98.9% natural, full coverage Liquid Makeup evens and smoothes skin for a radiant, natural-looking finish. Made with responsibly sourced Meadowfoam Seed Oil, known for its moisturizing benefits, it gives you beautiful results inside and out”.

Burts Bees Foundation and Elf Foundation brush

Burts Bees Foundation open and elf brush

Okay, so a radiant looking finish only happens directly after you have applied this foundation with a sponge. Then throughout the day it begins to cling to patches on my skin that are normally not dry. This leads me to believe I need to heavily hydrate (because I want this to work), so I heavily hydrate and BAM it still clings to “dry patches” and breaks up almost immediately. I have mixed it with my First Aid Beauty Tinted moisturizer (we are talking half of half a pump) and it does add a nice amount of coverage to it and doesn’t cling to those dry patches but again I used such a small amount just enough to add a bit more coverage.

eco tools sponge and burts bees foundation

Now, I have two pros to this product: it’s cruelty free and has clean ingredients. But so is there B.B Cream (it has an appalling shade range) which is way nicer and more glowy on the skin compared to this foundation.

Bottom line: 2.5/5 stars for me. It makes me sad that I don’t love this product because I absolutely loves Burts Bees makeup, their mascara and foundation power are my holy grail (for lack of a better term) but this foundation fell short on so many levels.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?